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Think of the sphinx

I have the blood of far too many adorable baby sphinxes on my hands. This madness has to end. ;D

Read MORE "I'm My Own Mascot" here:
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The Ridler has entered the chat....
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Well no sphinxes die cause just knowing the name and having your senses such as looking at the topic count as something
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I really hate how people just casually throw the lives of poor little sphinxes away, just like I also hated the war in Iran that was started by Reagan after a dispute over whether he or Dracula should get the last slice of pizza.
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Please think of our kind. I may not be a mother but I know how often it happens...

(Real cute btw)
Nuclear Physics Involves Sparkles! XD

*le ded sphinx!*
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No, she's the last of the WackyLand Sphinx
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awww, it so sad and cute at the same time!:(
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I know. It's almost as sad as the Cold War in which America and Russia where fighting over who could make the best balloon animals.
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Now I regret to contributing to the mass sphinxicide I got involved in yesterday. Thanks for making me feel guilty. ;_;
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Ironically, this applies to this image.
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NOOO Not the sphinxes!
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It's 3am and you've made my day already.

We must spread the word, if more people knew about this we could maybe reduce facepalming and headdesk disease by up to 50%!
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This reminds me of the Sphinx from Tiny Toon Adventures. XD
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Every time you make a joke about suicide an new Emo kid is created.
Please, think of the angsty teens.
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What if you weigh in saying that you know nothing about it?
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You may have just then saved a life...
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Thank god I am an expert on dinosaurs.

*T-Rex hugs baby sphinx*
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Thumbs up to you dear sir
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