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Sucks to be Luigi : The Date

By kevinbolk
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And now, another chapter of "It Sucks to Be Weegie". Laugh and cry with Mario's little brother Luigi as he struggles with handicap of...well...being Luigi.

In case you were wondering how their date went...
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JoyfulstarrHobbyist Digital Artist
Why daisy chunky tho
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SuperVegitenHobbyist Digital Artist

I think it's time to make a Reverse Super Crown Power Up for you, Pal. You won't turn into A Hot Lady (like most memes from that occurred), but you'll become a mix of the best Features of different guys and it still has that Luigi Flare!

I call it...

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And that dear readers is why I like luigi, he doesn't need to dilute reality, and is fully accepting and is just happy to be their.
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pettic04Hobbyist Digital Artist
Edward ? That's Luigi talking to you.
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She's fantasizing about other men to get by on her date with luigi.
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ElecFlameFoxHobbyist General Artist
Oh, I get Link, but how does she know Axel or Jack?
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She likely doesn't she just fantasizing about them
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ElecFlameFoxHobbyist General Artist
But how does she _know_ them
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I don't know likely they have their versions of movies and video games.
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ElecFlameFoxHobbyist General Artist
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Dafox2024ajHobbyist General Artist
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Luigi, please. You're too cute.
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ShandellaWayneHobbyist General Artist
Omg, it's Axel
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actually is luigi; daysi is just fantasizing that she is dating another guys instead of him
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SonicBoomArtist353Hobbyist General Artist
Luigi looks so cute on that last panel x333
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
I'm pretty sure I can figure out where he was going with that opening joke. Not to be rude, but it probably had something to do with hot flashes. HOT, as in FIRE, as in FIRE FLOWER.

Yeah, I know. Inappropriate.
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TheBlueFireKnightStudent General Artist
Luigi probably was gonna say: Women are like fire flowers, they hold onto you until an enemy takes them away.
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DaemonBomb-IncStudent General Artist
she was happy it wasn't someone from "Punch Out" however she never said which ones they were that were bad but after much thinking I believe they were: King Hippo, Aran Ryan, and maybe Von Kaiser because there are some that would be nice to go out with like Piston Hondo or Don Flamenco
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MundaneCreatureStudent General Artist
Daisy dreams of dating Axel... Axel is now apart of the Nintendo canon...

I don't know how to feel about that...
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AlePrincessPeachyHobbyist General Artist
I made a dumb comic about Marluxia getting rescued by Mario. Does that qualify?
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Primrose-RachelHobbyist Digital Artist
Wtf?! I can't stop laugh XD this is hilarious :heart:
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DatPeacockStudent Artist
whos the guy in the 3rd pannell?
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CherubFeetHobbyist General Artist
Axel from the Kingdom Hearts franchise
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Oblivionkeeper23Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, when did Axel do that?
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