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Sucks to be Luigi: Past Lives

By kevinbolk
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And now, another chapter of "It Sucks to Be Weegie". Laugh and cry with Mario's little brother Luigi as he struggles with handicap of...well...being Luigi.

Sometimes I think Luigi has a very distorted perspective on how bad his current life ACTUALLY is. And also, big mustaches don't ALWAYS equal evil.

Hope this one isn't too high concept (re: confusing as heck). 9_9
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There are unicorns in space!  They soar through the stars!  They deliver rainbows all around the world!  They're pure of heart, strong of mind, and true of aim with their marshmallow lasers!
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GreenStarLoverHobbyist General Artist
You watch star vs don't you?
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As a matter of fact, I do.  How did you guess?
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GreenStarLoverHobbyist General Artist
The song. That was quite obvious.
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I know it was.  If only sarcasm was obvious through written text.
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PYRASMUSHobbyist General Artist
Poor Luigi... At least he's filthy rich from his encounters with ghosts and mansions.
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But, Luigi is a Catholic, baptized by Father Groeschel himself! Attended Sunday school at Saint Jo's! He would NEVER take Karma seriously.
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mrbill6ishereStudent General Artist
Two things
1. Why didn't you use the name of those people.
2. Mario's past lives-
          Teddy Roosevelt
          Jonas Salk (inventor of Polio vaccine)
          St. Peter
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damn pringles and their delicious confusion!
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Okay, Luigi's the follow-up of the Pringles guy. Let's go with that.
HA! YOU WISH! More like the follow-up of... Hang on, let me think for a second here.
No, I got nothing. I'm not a history professor. Unless...
Wait, I got it! Shaggy Rogers! Yeah, I know that doesn't really help Luigi's case, but think about it. Always scared, loves food, wears green... You seeing the pattern here?
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Tindyflow General Artist
His unofficial girlfriend is chubby and wears yellow...
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Scarecrow113Hobbyist Writer
You know, Vlad the Impaler is actually considered a hero by Romanians.
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Its all a mater of perspectiv
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Y-MangakaHobbyist Digital Artist
"big mustaches don't ALWAYS equal evil"
maybe. But the good ones belongs to Mario's past lives. XP -1up (sucks for Luigi ^^')
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KittenLover75Hobbyist General Artist
Big mustaches equal a bigger change of being lucky!
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Y-MangakaHobbyist Digital Artist
really?! *o*
Luig'! D'you heard that ? Hurry up and grow some big*ss mustaches ! Eggman-style for you, boy ! XD
wait.. Eggman isnt quite lucky himself actually, is he ?.. 9~9
hm.. =_='
..forget that, greenboy. -.-"
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konggodameraHobbyist Writer
He's right on one thing, Pringles are horrifying abominations
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...Maybe the fat free ones.
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I can only imagine someone she knows mistaking her for elsa, only with 50 times the power.
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ChrisTheBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love how Rosalina is so dumb that she's actually his friend.
That is hilarious.
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Rosie's neck.....
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LittlePippy33Hobbyist Artist
OMG Your'e Right!
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This one makes me laugh so very hard.  Poor Luigi, if only he were so bamf.  I'm sure he has it in him somewhere.
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Crap, I'm confused... :baffled: But it's funny! :rofl:
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