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Sucks to be Luigi: Nemesis p.1

By kevinbolk
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And now, another chapter of "It Sucks to Be Weegie". Laugh and cry with Mario's little brother Luigi as he struggles with handicap of...well...being Luigi.

To be continued... O.o

Read the rest of this series here: [link]
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
Hey Waluigi...two words for ya; Smash. Bros.
6fangirl09's avatar
6fangirl09Hobbyist Digital Artist
punch him, his face alredy looks like i'v punched him, and i probaly did
Fnafmememaniac's avatar
FnafmememaniacHobbyist Artist
no, his face looks like somebody took a monster truck/lawnmower hybrid and ran it over.
6fangirl09's avatar
6fangirl09Hobbyist Digital Artist
i most likely did that
Fnafmememaniac's avatar
FnafmememaniacHobbyist Artist
you have my seal of approval.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Hey! He was still in high school when Original DK came out.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
It sucks to be Luigi...but it sucks on ice to be Waluigi!
nemothehedgehog's avatar
Waluigi, get your own game and then come and talk down to Luigi.

Luigi. It sucks to be Luigi, but it's worse to be Waluigi.
Puriki's avatar
PurikiStudent Digital Artist
lol exactly
HamburgerMarsupial's avatar
HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Billybobjoeman's avatar
BillybobjoemanHobbyist General Artist
Hey Luigi, remember those ghosts you sucked up? I tamed 'em for ya. Alright you ectoplasmic fuckwads! See that purple douchebag over there? "Recruit" him.
Ganerdude221's avatar
I'd put 1 in his dome for being a total asshole!!
ForeverDreamer12's avatar
ForeverDreamer12Hobbyist General Artist
Waluigi looks drunk O-O
PeachyKirbyLover77's avatar
PeachyKirbyLover77Hobbyist General Artist
DAYUM! Waluigi needs some medication and a nice nap XD
Glaciarie's avatar
And that's why YOU don't have any game, Waluigi.
luigilover23's avatar
Luigi is way better looking than Waluigi!
Andresitum's avatar
AndresitumHobbyist Interface Designer
Uuugh!! I hate Waluigi!!!
FaerieMayden's avatar
FaerieMaydenHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Luigi's Mansion (the first one, Dark Moon killed it) so happens to be one of my favorite games! >:U
SPQR21's avatar
SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist


I love how you made Waluigi! He looks so much like a dork!

Zardshark's avatar
ZardsharkHobbyist General Artist
Luigi's Mansion didn't suck.  Unless you mean literally.  In that case, kirby sucks too.  *ba dum tss*
Lazypandapoot's avatar

waluigi; the master of comebacks!
keke46's avatar
Oh shiz.....
FellitoRockero's avatar
Oh my! A guy who happens to feel miserable just happened to be trolled by a guy who is really miserable.
pokeman25's avatar
pokeman25Hobbyist General Artist
SUCKS?!?!? *Pulls out Poltergust 4000 and sucks up Waluigi. Hits reverse. While 1000 feet in the air*
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