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Sucks to be Luigi: Castles

By kevinbolk
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And now, another chapter of "It Sucks to Be Weegie". Laugh and cry with Mario's little brother Luigi as he struggles with handicap of...well...being Luigi.

You know you're in a bad place when not even the mushroom people will respect you.
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Just-BiancaHobbyist Artist
why dont you work at Disney??

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Well fuck you too for the homophobia.
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TheBadGamingBoyHobbyist General Artist
Um, what gave you the idea that the artist is homophobic? The fact that the toad called Luigi gay? I’m not homophobic. But I’m also not gay. Not gay, not homophobic. But just, what gave you the idea that the artist is homophobic? Just asking.
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abomination and filth that is making our society nasty.
you are a leech! get out of DA you tumblr immigrant...
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You're aware that Deviantart is a pretty lgbt-friendly site, right? Homophobic trash who spend his life on the internet, you're the one who don't have your place here, nor anywhere else actually, subhuman animal that you are, intellectual and moral degenerates such as you are the disease of all Humanity, it's a shame that your mother haven't terminated her pregnancy, really...

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XD You pretend to be a normal human being with such an ape behavior? You have serious demencia issues, go treat yourself retarded psycho, your place is in a asylum lil' failed abortion, where you'll no longer pollute the world with your demencia.
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Preston-KeiHobbyist General Artist
Luigi: Y'See, I've got a lot of issues and-
Toad: *New Yorker Accent Intensifies*
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sleepy-sugarsHobbyist General Artist
i love luigi and i love this comic-
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FnafmememaniacHobbyist Artist
I will listen to Weegee.
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Lover66loveStudent Digital Artist
Skinny Gay Mario?
damn toad why XD
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RickythecoolHobbyist Digital Artist
Skinny fat mario?! XD
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Lover66loveStudent Digital Artist
gay not fat lol
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mrm64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL stfu Toad :'D You lil' irrelevant, trolling, piece of sht :'^)
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AffaliaStudent Digital Artist
Oh my god, Toad!! 
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Toad's evil side!
I'm losing faith for mushroom kingdom here.
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jamerson1Student Digital Artist
Me: FUCK YOU TOAD FOR BEING SO MEAN TO LUIGI!! :angry  *Shoots toad with a gun a few times* Never fuck with a luigi fan EVIL Laughter!

 anyways that's so funny XD 
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SonicBoomArtist353Hobbyist General Artist
Moral of this comic:
Toads are jerks
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endergirlgammerHobbyist Artist
there once was two boys.
one was named luigi
and one was named mario
the mom loved mario, she even said luigi was for Loser
Luigi Was Depressed. This Boy Was In His Room The Whole Day...
He Was Looking Up Online.. He Put His Self For Adoption.
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