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Sucks to be Luigi : Blind Date

By kevinbolk
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And now, another chapter of "It Sucks to Be Weegie". Laugh and cry with Mario's little brother Luigi as he struggles with handicap of...well...being Luigi.

Poor Weegie gets this ALL the time. Wonder how that date went...
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basicbeyondHobbyist Traditional Artist
wait, why is she fat?
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MellowMugwumpHobbyist General Artist
This is actually pretty sad. Poor Weegee.
JeremiahFoxx's avatar
Because she sits around playing video games and reading trashy vampire novels, obviously
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Dafox2024ajHobbyist General Artist
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
Awww, poor Luigi!  You deserve a hug.
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This one may me laugh
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Hxnnxh733Hobbyist Artist
But why doesn't she like the Punch-Out guys? I mean glass Joe's a hunk.
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jamerson1Student Digital Artist
Me: Fuck you daisy you don't need to date link he's gay get it Grump 

Daisy: WHAT!!? :angry:  

Luigi i always like you better then mario 
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John-the-stickifierHobbyist Traditional Artist
John (me): Jamerson1 is right, Daisy. Link's gay...
Daisy: ...*looking angrily at both of us*
John: *to you* We should run, right?...
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endergirlgammerHobbyist Artist
Poor Luigi D:
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Seriously, Daisy? Tall, wears green, hangs around Mario... Who else would it be?! I mean, Mario has a life outside of Smash Bros., after all!
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SodaZereHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, id have to say you've got a point. espeacially with the "hangs around mario" point
endergirlgammer's avatar
endergirlgammerHobbyist Artist
im crying, poor luigi 
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DaemonBomb-IncStudent General Artist
"Aw, for the love of Pauline" shouldn't it be "Aw, for the love of Rosaline" because she created the galaxy or rules over it at least. Also Pauline and Rosaline the rhyme (just thought I should mention that)
ToastyBrain's avatar
ToastyBrainHobbyist Digital Artist
That would make sense given that Rosalina does rule multiple generations of the universe.
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LittlePippy33Hobbyist Artist
Isn't It Rosalina, Just Saying.
DaemonBomb-Inc's avatar
DaemonBomb-IncStudent General Artist
my bad
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LittlePippy33Hobbyist Artist
Thats Ok, Alot Of People Mix That Up, You Are Not Alone On That One.
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SuperBro1997Hobbyist Artist
Daisy looks pretty & cute! *nyah!* I can't understand why people usually doesn't like plump girls?
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skytiger859Hobbyist General Artist
Am I the only one who noticed Daisy was reading a "Twilight" novel?
mariealexandrinne's avatar
Oh damn, you're right XD
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MrTheAmazingDudeStudent Traditional Artist
Man...Dasiy can be a cold-hearted b*tch sometimes...
AdventureTheory12's avatar
Daisy! Heeeey! Look, the toads gave found you a good date! Plus, He's covered in green!


2 minutes later...

Daisy: Hey… so your Ben?

Ben: Ben drowned.

Daisy: oh ok.
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DrDewottHobbyist Digital Artist
Link LINK!!!
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