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Studio Ghibli: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Still working on art cards for Otakon 2012. This one's for a Studio Ghibli set and features Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

This was not only my first anime, but the first character I ever idolized. Yup, before He-Man, Superman, and Scrooge McDuck, my hero was Nausicaa (or Princess Zandra in the version I watched as a kid.) Even today, she's still one of my favorites, so drawing this one was a real treat. :D
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can i use it for an icon? plz? 
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I've always liked the costume design in Nausicaa and I really like the way you've made her look in this.
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I should watch this looks so good *u*
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:3 This was my favorite movie by Miyazaki, besides Princess Monoke. (I dunno how to spell ;3;)
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I love Miyazaki but I must admit I hate Nausicaa, both the movie and the character. Maybe it's nostalgia because I saw Princess Mononoke when I was young and Nausicaa when I was a teen but from where I sit both movies had similar themes and Mononoke handled it better in every possible way. I've seen every Miyazaki film and Nausicaa is really the only one I can really say I disliked.
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I love them all! <3
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Wow. This goes on all of the Studio Ghibli stuff.
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The movie rocks hence this art will too.
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Nausicaä is awesome :love: You did her justice here!
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Yes very awesome, She was a strong positive female heroine. And so very cool in the film.
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SAME here. My last gift given to me by my Nana (fathers mother) was this DvD.

I loved it...opened my world up to anime, I was 9
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I recently watched this movie in Japanese Class and loved it!
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Maybe it's just the gun and blue outfit, but this reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles :D
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I love it so much!!! (Oh, and by the way, Princess Zandra or Xandra was from Warriors of the Wind. They just butchered it and changed the script and actors. I myslef like the original. So does Miyazaki :XD:) Didn't you do one of San?
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Thats so awesome! My friend from Uni cosplayed Nausicaa at ACEN, this would be a perfect gift for her!
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will you be making one for all teh movies? cuz i really want to see a Cat Returns one :D
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This is awesome but actually Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind isn't a Ghibli film. It was made before Studio Ghibli was founded.
still awesome though!
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Nausicaa and the Valley of wind, and Princess Mononoke are my two favorite movies of all time1 a close third would be Laputa: Castle in the sky.
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Ah yes, "Warriors of the Wind", with the incredibly misleading VHS box art.
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