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Stephen Hawking Art Card by K-Bo.

By kevinbolk
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To go with my Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson cards...

Carl Sagan Art Card by K-Bo. by kevinbolk Neil deGrasse Tyson Art Card by K-Bo. by kevinbolk 
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NaveahFlananaganStudent Artist
R.I.P. :'(
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You da man Hawk. Epic quote too. "My goal is simple. A complete understanding of the universe." Kind of like "What are we going to do tonight, brain?" "Same thing we do every night. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"


Oooh oooh, or the line that Stephen King delivered in that episode of the simpsons where they meet him and he's marketing some book that at the surface doesn't sound like a horror book, but he clearly has unavoidably found a way to turn it into one.
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You again. You're frigging everywhere I go, like binkie mcfartnuggets, are you a team leaving comments or one person? I didn't even do any searches this time, I just clicked on a submission on the main page which was by kevinbolk and clicked on one thing on "more from kevinbolk" and here you are.
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odd--della--robbiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, the guy whom helped me understand sooo many scientific theories & topics (Such as a little bit of quantum physics, only a miniscule bit, but still. Along with the theory of relativity, tha stuffs about space-time, and many more). :D Amazing stylized drawing. :meow:
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nightmaremoon1221Student Artist
Wow :D
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why doesnt his head crush his body????
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Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
Amazing, well done:)
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He is so genius
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CopaceticChaosStudent General Artist
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zackosletacosHobbyist Digital Artist
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DaSparkyStudent Digital Artist
his face : D
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Be44KaHobbyist Digital Artist
o lol. mindeBLOW!
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MarzipanzersHobbyist General Artist
How about Michio Kaku?  :D
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artguyjoeHobbyist Digital Artist
I second this!
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AQUARules Traditional Artist

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Stephen looks so cute!!!! xD I think he's totally awesome.
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HeiNyMantaHobbyist Digital Artist
That's one heck of a goal. I don't believe anyone ever could fully understand the world... Though we can always get closer and gain more knowledge about it :>
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KCF-the-KrazyHobbyist General Artist
Well the universe exists because God wanted it to exist it is as simple as that Mr. Hawking.
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oh you're another one of those mindless folk, eh?

it'd be nice if lots of things just popped up outta nowhere, but shit don't work like that, son. ;v 
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KCF-the-KrazyHobbyist General Artist
Call my whatever you want you'll be regreting when you pass.
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