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Star Wars Funnies: Wedge

Day fourteen cartoon for ^ArtisticAunJuli's Star Wars Character Bonanza. This one features Wedge Antilles and is for all of you hardcore science fiction nerds out there.
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Took me a moment to join the dots but I eventually got there ... Wedge can survive just about anything. His nickname should be ''non-stick'' as in situations.

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Wedge kinda reminds me of Terry Sanders Jr. from Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Every time he gets assigned to a squad, he tends to be one of the only survivors. Still, he's got a better gig than most redshirts. Scotty doesn't count.
wedge antilles is my boi😎
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Wedge survived a crash against a mountain (or volcano I forget) at the age of seventeen, two death star runs, took down the most at-at at the battle of hoth, torture and remained strong, and was the best pilot in the rebels until Luke came around.
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and was rescued from Kessel (if Rogue Squadron is still canon)
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A couple seconds later, a Wild Stormtrooper appeared.

And unfortunately, as the Red Shirt was not a Jedi and not required to be captured alive, he did not miss. 
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Careful what you shirt.
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*loads Priminae GWIZ*
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It's cause he lives, due to his awesomeness and skill, isn't it?
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If it makes you feel any better, Ensign...uh...Doe, comparing yourself to the awesomeness that is Wedge is a battle even Toph Beifong can't win.
Hahaha ok I get it. Red shirts never stood a chance...good for you Wedge;)
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Ah, Wedge. You're too awesome.
Uh, explain this for me... I'm not getting it.
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Wedge Antilles started his life as a Star Wars charecter as one of the x wing pilots at the battle of the first Death Star and is the only surviving pilot mentioned by name in other than Luke Han and Chewie. He has become a large and important charecter in the expanded fiction. He is the god of red shirts
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That's great, the only thing I have to say is I think Wedge is holding Luke's helmet.
*LOL* Love this joke... on an additional side note. While Wedge does somehow survive all three original movies (andto my knowledgethe follow on books), he was slated to die in each movie. Originally, he wasn't suppose to survive the 1st Death Star in ANH. Then he wasn't suppose to survive the Battle of Hoth in ESB. And then finally, he wasn't suppose to survive the 2nd Death Star run (die in fireball, actually) in RotJ. Somehow, George Lucas changed his mind at the final script each time and saved Wedge. Can anyone say the Star Wars version of Wesley from Princess Bride? Good Night Wedge. Good Work. I'll most likely kill you in the next battle.
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The only non main character to not "just die" coincidentally so that the hero guy can have all of the dames attention.

Yeah, a cliche' killed decades before it took over the syfy channel...
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thats horrible lol
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Poor Wedge~
Well, at least I like him^^
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Ohura was a red shirt and she didn't die either. :iconjustsaiyanplz:
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Sorry =_= I was hyper though it is true. I saw the old series and she never died and she often wore a red shirt.
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