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Star Wars Funnies: Ackbar

One more "Star Wars Funnies" strip to round out the collection I'm putting together (that still needs a name, btw). This one features everyone's favorite Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar.

And if you comment with "IT'S A TRAP!", I'm slapping you with a halibut! ;-P
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This comic was made before the Dark Times. Before the Disney era.

I'm sure Luke has given Wedge plenty of crap for "Look at the size of that thing." :D

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Storm trooper: my lord

 emperor palpatine: storm trooper.

Storm trooper: can you say you're line plz
Emperor palpatine *sigh, deep breath*: UNLIMITED POWER!!!Palpatine Unlimited Power Icon 

Storm trooper: yay! ^^ 
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It's so cute...
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OMG Luke and the pilot's faces in the third panel.... XD
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It's the puppy dog eyes
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This is great XD I'll admit that I snorted on this

:iconrainingstarwars: Lookit at this
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OMG I've seen this! XD I love it! They're so cute!
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I know right?! Lol it made me laugh, so I thought I'd share it with you
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Adorable and funny.
I'm celebrating May the 4th by discovering your lovely "Star Wars Funnies" for the first time.
Thank you for sharing the silliness! :happybounce: 
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It seems like it's the best trap ever ._.
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😂😂 I think I'm dying... Too funny
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I can't ever say "It's a trap!" Normally because of that line! XD
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Poor, poor, poor Ackbar x) 

"Oh my gosh! Luke Skywalker!!"
"Can you say..?"
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XD look at their eyes.
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That's too funny XD

"..I die a little inside" XD
could probably make a fortune with speaking engagements and such.
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