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Punching Down

I had actually conceived and drew most of this comic over the weekend and was hesitating to post it due to recent events. I think it’s something important that folks need to remember though. Still, my apologies if it offends. Be safe and take care of each other.
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No such thing as punching up or punching down, that's an excuse made up by SJW's to justify how when people disagree with them without bullying it's bullying, while when they ACTUALLY bully people it's not bullying. These are the same people when caught out being racist, sexist, or heterophobic, declared "no we can't be those thing you can't be that thing unless you have power, because that thing is prejudice + power. We have no power so it's okay when we do it."
This is so relevant these days. Whenever I hear the phrase "punching up", I reach for my Luger...
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"Oh isn't that just so true.  In fact it's just like *insert my enemy here* they're just so horrible and act like *insert my allies here* are the ones bullying them when they are bullying us!  But I see right through them.  Whatever they are angry about can't possibly be as validated as what I am angry about."

.... we really.... just don't even try, do we?
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This speaks a lot to me as someone who's had to deal with bullies doing this at present. Painting themselves as the moral good while acting rather immoral to me and my friends because "we deserve it"

For what it's worth, I was bullied at school and I never punched or verbally hit back. IMO no matter how much someone might bully me, I knew "revenge" or reversing their treatment of me back was never the answer. If I hit back, I would be wrong, if I spoke to them like they spoke to me, that would still be wrong. I'm a great believer in treating others how you want to be treated

I once had a boy who for a while, every time I came home from school would wait and be a massive jerk on my way home, never physical (my bullying was usually verbal bar for a few instances) but enough to make me dread the walk home. My mother found out the boys parents details, and went over and told them what was going on. They frogmarched their boy to our house as my mother tried to explain how his actions affected me. 

It's the only effective way I've even seen a bully dealt with, he was horrified as he understood, and actually became quite sympathetic towards me. 

As an aside, I realize I could of done more for myself - my self-esteem sucks and I've always let people hit at that when I should be stronger. That doesn't justify their actions any more, but I realize I need to be stronger all the same. 

You don't punch up, no matter how tempting the situation might be. The only true way to stop a bully is to make them understand how they hurt others. Not that it always works, people have their problems and their own demons to deal with. So simply saying "you're being mean!" doesn't do all that much if they are coming from a dark place themselves. You can lead a horse to water....

All the same thanks for this kev, keep being awesome
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The whole "punching up" argument has always come off as nothing but people trying to excuse their asshole behavior.

Bullies are bullies, no matter the reason. Be the better person and find away to solve a situation without lowering yourself to that level.
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Will the pear be okay? :(
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Oh damn that's messed up. This is just more proof that bullying needs to stop.
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i remember seeing this on reddit
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It's always a beat down when someone gets beat up.
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It's funny, but a sad, depressing kind of funny. The kind where a laugh soon collapses into a puff of air, and then you have to spend a while thinking about life.
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So midgets can never be bullies ever?
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It's not bullying until they knock the other person over, I guess.
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I knew it, Carebears were assholes all along...
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Okay then, uppercut!
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Now it's "beating up" XD
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The power of perception in society. :\ ...or rather the limitations of it thanks to a heavily filtered/censored media conglomerate...
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It is true George Takei posted a piece about a kid who was bullied in school and when he fought back against the kid who tormented him for months he was suspended.
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MRAs in a nutshell.
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I'd say the opposite; Feminists in a nutshell.

The fact is, one group is allowed to lash out at the other without any repercussions whatsoever, and even gets applause; the other group isn't allowed to say even neutral things, outside of their own spaces, without being threatened with doxxing, police activity, and the nightly news stirring up more shit and fear.

Yes, Feminists actually dox.  SJWs FTF.
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Fucking everybody doxxes. You're describing the entirety of humanity there, our species generally sucks.

Feminism is equality. It's gotten a bad name, yes, because a vocal minority has taken it to misandry. That doesn't change the fact that actual feminism is neither more nor less than equality across the board.

That's why I can in good conscience, even as a dude, declare myself a feminist.

This still does not change the fact that our entire species sucks, but we should still do what we can to make life for the "fairer" half of us suck only as much as is necessary.
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At least you put "fairer" in quotes.  They really aren't; they're human, just like the rest of us.  I also like how you admit that there IS such a thing as misandry; most feminists do not.  Still, I think it'd be nicer to not put one group on a pedestal, no matter who that group is.  Once you have the ability to look down on someone, you don't stop.  Anton Chekhov (I KNOW I spelled that wrong) wrote as much.

The thing is, if it's a vocal minority, why do you hear almost no mainstream feminists denouncing that hatred?  Hell, even the GG movement, the Tea Party - they at least tell those who are making things worse to stop it.

While we're at it, though, have you heard of ROKS over in Sweden?  They pretty much have the government in a chokehold, and they literally believe that "to call a man an animal is to uplift him; ... (he is) a walking dildo."  They believe that treating men who do rape - as in, psychotherapy to fix their issues to try and STOP this - will never work...even though it's working with their neighbors in Norway.  They think that's not the issue, and that it's just giving men the power to do it all over again.  These are the people in charge of women's shelters in Sweden; they refuse to use another lens to see the world through.

Analogy: A rancher of the 1800s has, say, 10 horses.  He notices one has broken its leg.  He shoots it.  This is what people did at the time.  And this is what I advocate, as far as rape goes: use a scalpel.

On the other hand, these people in ROKS, at the very least, honestly believe that if one horse has a cold, you shoot them all to prevent the cold from spreading, because they already are partially infected and why take chances?  In other words, they use a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel.

If you're an equity feminist - I know someone else online who is, and who told me the term - then fine, I'm totally for that.  But say that you are for ACTUAL equality.  The fact is, most people equate "feminism" to GENDER feminism (which is what I've been discussing), because that's what most people have an experience with.

And while I agree that MRAs are, on the whole, pretty reactionary to gender feminism, at least they ARE reacting.  And they generally seem to be pushing for the same things that women now enjoy, as far as rights.  Their idea is more of a "We're being pushed around; we need to push back".  And while two wrongs don't make a right, there seems to be fewer ACTUAL MISOGYNISTS in the MRA movement than there are ACTUAL MISANDRISTS in the Feminist movement.  Are there?  Yeah, I'm sure there are, and I'm sure they're just as awful as their miso-counterparts.  I'm sure their membership will swell with those too, and probably faster since gender feminism is a big, powerful force and has been screwing things up for a while now.  Maybe it'll all balance out finally...or maybe this Convention of States thing will pull off and be a good thing.  One can hope.


"Fucking everybody doxxes."  Um, Amish, people who honestly don't care about internet arguments (IE those with even a modicum of maturity), people who don't know how to program/how to hack/what doxxing actually involves as a process, people who've never HEARD of doxxing (I guarantee you neither of my parents have, and while my old man is computer illiterate, my mom isn't so much), people who believe in, you know, at least trying to be an upright, moral, thinking person...the list goes on.

And yeah, individual persons are the only real place to go for socialization anymore, it feels like.  Joining a large or popular group is begging to become part of a black hole (the greater the mass, the denser the object, and all).

Anywho, if'n you don't mind, can we take any further debate to notes?  I'm sure our host here doesn't want us gumming up the works of a great message and picture.
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wow, what a stupid saying...
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