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Pokemon: The Trainer With No Name

By kevinbolk
"He travelled across the land, searching far and wide...until the ones he loved could no longer follow."
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© 2014 - 2021 kevinbolk
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Awesome Pokemon art!

RedTheChampofKanto's avatar

oh mann very good i get the reference XD

TheNumber1Chicken's avatar

This is awesome, keep up the good work

Evolution619's avatar
I like the Old Man Logan setting, it makes Ash like a total Badass.
ravenf6's avatar
"There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend:
Those who train pokemon, and those who dig.
You dig. "…
freebolt's avatar
"Are you boy?
Or are you a girl?"
EchoDragon76's avatar
It's Red guys, obviously.
YourLittleSylveon's avatar
How does he have TWO Master Balls? *scratches head confusedly*
Nightform's avatar
People are being so ignorant.
If anything it's Red, not Ash! Ash was never the best and never will be. 
Just noticed the Pikachu tattoo
15sok's avatar
Old Man Ash!!!!!
CLAASYgal's avatar
Pokemon trainers don't age
MrShadowatdevaintart's avatar
cascara-catto's avatar
Woah.. beautiful!!!!
Zethie's avatar
This is what Ash should be looking like currently. Might get there in another twenty movies... XD
LeukVioletJin's avatar
I always thought if he really caught them all, it'd be kinda cruel to all the pokemon because they would spend most of their time in the balls. But, if it's post apocalyptic, he'd be giving them safe haven while he endure all the hardship of wastelands. he'd be like second Noah
rolfchan's avatar
He reminded me of Red instead :iconmingplz:
Voltex12345's avatar
who Ash?
he was never the best...
he wandered the world never reaching his objective, ok cool
CaldoRosa's avatar
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