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Mary Sue Wish Fulfillment Guy

By kevinbolk
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This was the art for one of the slides for my "10 Things I Hate About Webcomics" panel I put together for Zenkaicon 2011. The idea behind the whole talk was to poke fun at common webcomics tropes, cliches, and/or bad habits and to help new creators recognize them and then either avoid them or exploit them.

This one was the parody comic I made for the "Mary Sue/Self-Insert/Wish-Fulfillment Character" slide; very clearly the author's overly idealized version of themselves and awkwardly the center of the comic's whole damn universe.

If you don't want your character to fall into this trope, I recommend taking the Univeral Mary Sue Litmus Test. Give your character some faults or weaknesses. Poke fun at those failings and/or use them as plot devices. You'll have more fun writing your characters and it will make for a more interesting story.

If it's important that your character act this way, then at least make them deal with the consequences of their actions and don't let your supporting cast find everything they do endearing. Very few people would REALLY want to hang out with a person like this... unless they were masochists or sycophants. X_x

For the record, the "Wizard Basketball" thing isn't a total non-sequitur. I used to be pretty good at hoops when I was younger and I had always wanted to be a pro player if the cartooning thing didn't work out. I also wanted to be a wizard. :D
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I ain't going to lie, I do create self-insult characters of myself in my writing but I never create them into a Gary-Stu. I always tried to balance all of my characters and give them weaknesses and habits, or other problems. The same is with giving them good traits, one of my characters ismyself if I was a superhero, who is a multibillionair, and have super intelligence. But I also included my personal problems of being a loner, and having trust issues. He didn't even told tge people who he would be his life for, where he exactly living at now.
Is willing to kill anything for the greater good a good enough flaw to NOT make 
my character a Mary Sue?
Dante and Sonic in a nutshell.
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I'm glad he doesn't break the fourth wall
ragpin's avatar
I just don't want my character to be a Gary-Stu, that would suck.
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I have a bad feeling Blaze ((my OC)) is a Mary Sue character... ;-;
StampyWolf999's avatar
I think hes okay...he is afraid of snakes. X3
WhatD's avatar
Well I mean who dosent love Groundhog Day? 
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If you take away the negative traits, this becomes very strongly reminiscent of someone that I went to university with.
VectorTorn14's avatar
If he is 'the chosen one,' then why is he such a $!@#?
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Sigh, awesomeness doesn't make character.

A character needs to be recognizable for consistent: Details, inner dialog, reasoning, background, dreams, ambitions, interests, and more.
If one does make a hero -> please include flaws, weaknesses, limitations, and more personal negatives to the above list. 
One trope that must die... the chosen one. why read a book, or watch a movie, if the outcome is already determined and declared at the beginning.
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That's really what a woman wants!
CrimsonCarmine's avatar
This is so true. If you don't like Groundhog Day, you ARE a bad person.
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Is he a mary sue or what is he then?
Devilactive's avatar
Male Mary Sues are typically called Marty Stus or Gary Stus. And this one is a pure asshole.
Poteto-Man's avatar
But that's dumb
Devilactive's avatar
I don't come up with the terminology.
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Sad that some people need themselves to be perfect in fiction, I am considering including myself as a character in a tech based web comic, based in the mid 80's but have no plans to do anything like this, I do plan on giving, him/me limits, and flaws, and weaknesses, I know who I am and know I could never could have been like this... or anyone that I seriously aspire to be...
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