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Maria Sisters: 'We'll Save You, Prince!'

Art inspired by a pair of really sweet cosplayers I met at Fan Expo 2013, Jill and Susann. They designed these fantastic gender-bent Mario and Peach outfits and I asked permission if I could do art based on them (as well as add a Luigi.) So here you are, folks..Maria, Louis Jean, and Prince Peach! Many thanks to Jill and Susann for inspiring this art and for being cool with me doing it.

Also, Jill and Susann are very talented artists here on dA as well. You can find them here :iconxshortstuff: and here :iconjadeapprentice:.
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Normally, I don't care for genderbent pics, but this is cute!
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Oh my, they're so cute!!~ 

Aww... you guys! 
ShinyGardevoirGirl's avatar
What are their names?
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Doo doo doo, doo doo doo! Doo! :)
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bepopee's avatar
It sucks to be Luigianna...
Lobie5's avatar
Nice! :D This is one of the few genderbends that actually pull it off. :)
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''it's a-me Maria'' & "I'm a-Luigia, number one!" 
:-D love it :clap:
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Here's another version of Maria:…
I think the version on TV Tropes is older, but both characters have the same name & very similar outfits.
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This is simply too cute to handle
invaderzimfan234's avatar
This is just adorableness. >w<

I love your style of drawing too! :D
I-Wonder-As-I-Wander's avatar
I love these designs! you drew them so adorably.

Yeah a lot of people draw Mario as a skinny anime barbie doll with a large chest, I mean yeah I can understand that kind of genderbending for some characters in other franchises, but Mario? I mean, girls can be chubby and cute at the same time, what's up with that?
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Maria is very popular, but it sucks to be Lucy.
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Mama mia, the Maria twins are adorable. :)
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Cute.  I like the female luigi the best.
marneythecargirl's avatar
This is ridiculously cute. 
Peace-Sprite's avatar
I love the feeling of this piece. It's so whimsical and adorable. :aww:
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