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IMOM: Animal Crossing

Read more "I'm My Own Mascot" here: [link]

I must have accidentally picked up the "Chou Aniki" edition. Right...accidentally... 9w9

This was actually kind of an Animal Crossing comic trade between me and fellow artist Scot "Jimbo" Halbach. The one he did can be seen here: [link]
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Is the monkey the train conductor
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*insert pillar men theme*
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In Manimal Crossing, you don't pay with Bells...
You pay with Dumbells!
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Awaken, my villagers
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Friendship is manly
HalloweenCookies's avatar
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My Recommended BGM: "Shanghai Power Slam" (Arrange) -- from Ai Chô Aniki AST
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Pillar men intensifies
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JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA I LOVE THIS YOU GAINED A MEDAL THAT GOOD HUMOR xD:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Heart 
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Goodness Gracious Gravy... I love this!! XD
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manimal crossing
you have earned that watch
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The game is fun
Is fine to relax and stay away from stuff like kratos for a while
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I hope someone makes a cheat code or homebrew hack for one of the animal crossing games so that all the characters look like this XD
DaMasterFox08's avatar
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So cool!! They should make the new ac game, Manimal Crossing! 
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Mio (Laughing) [V2] Grey Kit Emoticon-Lmfao LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i don't know whether to laugh or cry
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Literally, this comment speaks to me. Same.
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