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Hetalia Canada Poster

By kevinbolk
Canada! Heck Yes!
Comin' again to wait politely for its turn, yeah!
Canada! Heck Yes!
There's no need to fuss and fight now.
You think the Yanks are loud and rude?
Well, I got a country for you...
So drink some beer and watch Hockey Night!
Canada! Heck yes!
Whatcha gonna do if those Habs fans lose now?

Have you seen Toronto yet? Man, that city is SO CLEE-EE-EEEEAAAN! Heck Yes!

MAPLE LEAVES! (Heck Yes!) MAPLE SYRUP! (Heck Yes!) MAPLE...candy? (Heck Yes!) Ummm.... (Heck Yes!) WOLVERINE!! (Heck Yes!) CELINE DION! (heck yes?) THE CBC! (Heck Yes!) POUTINE!


JIM CARREY! (Heck Yes!) MONTREAL! (Heck Yes!) THE YUKON! (Heck Yes!) MOUNTIES! (Heck Yes!) CANADIAN GEESE! (Heck Yes!) CRICKET! (Heck Yes!) BEAVERS! (Heck Yes!) TIM HORTONS! (Heck yes!) Québécois! Liberals! (Heck yes!) Universal Healthcare! Trees!

Okay, so this one was a long time coming, but I did this as a follow-up to my Hetalia: America F**K YEAH! poster.

Much like it's counterpart, the poster uses the art from my earler Canada art card.

And I've been developing that parody song at cons for months now. Glad I've finally been able to transcribe it somewhere. Now if I could only find the time to record it. XD
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omg scrolling through hetalia search pop-ups i never knew you liked hetalia holy sheet this makes you like a thousand times more awesome
pikachu-ch1mchar's avatar
Wait a minute... Who is that?
HetaliaPossessed's avatar
CANADA!!!!!!!!! HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jhericho1's avatar
There's a petition circulating to change the national animal of Canada from the beaver to the polar bear. Now THAT'S Heck yeah!
AnnxAnnya4eva's avatar
XromanoXspainX's avatar
I misread this and thought it said "hickeys"
navirahime's avatar
Cutest Country EVA!!!!
Sophiekittenmeow's avatar
hell ya im canadian! :D
lunamoun's avatar
Me too ^.^ yeah! Awesome Canadians.
kota3214's avatar
Proud Canadian.. who loves.. their Tim Hortons! ah I lvoe this :D Although i wish.. Canada was more noticed in Hetalia :D
Usuk16's avatar
I love Team America and Hetalia....your amazing
DramaticOtaku's avatar
Poutine... habs...
hetaliallover101's avatar
Who? Lol jk I LOVE CANADA!!!!!! (But not as much as England XD)
theXbrittishXumpire's avatar
Cricket? we know what cricket is but i've never actualy seen some one play it. lacross or curling is more common. *shudders remebering year that hockey players went on strike or something and all there was to wath was curling*
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halfdragonhal's avatar
if you think it Sucks to be Luigi try being canada.
Blueshadow54's avatar
I love Canada's face!! XD
Boxofcereal's avatar
Justin Bieber? ...NO
Haha, yes just had to say thatXD JB just isn't my *favorite* person on Earth.
Jenu1's avatar
"Boku Canada... :( "
lamarce's avatar
Hm, I wish that song were longer....
Also, cricket but not curling? Cricketis way more British or Indian than Canadian!
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