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Disney Princess Pile of Rocks

In which I harness the whole of my geo-artistic genius to reimagine the Disney Princess as a big ol' pile o' rocks. You've never seen them like THIS before. Mind blown! ;P
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This is so random and I love it LOL

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Thanos snapped
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but instead of turning into dust, they turn into rocks

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I'm watching you now just because of this XD Love it. Perfection. 900%. 
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TOO overdone :v
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This is SO overdone. LOL
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i love how you've captured the stone cold smile of elsa
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I wonder if sans would think of this?
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Lol I just see this with sans his face is excited 
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He'd say their love lives are... On The Rocks
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When shown to my husband he had this to say "They have boulders in all the wrong places."  Wow...had to share.
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Man I've been on the internet (and Superdickery's QFAT section) too long. Because when I first saw this I thought it was some weirdo's fetish art.
Glad to know it is supposed to be silly.
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I wonder what Maud pie would think of this?
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Shouldn't Jasmine have been sand?
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This... I... Really don't know what to say, so, um... AHAHAHAHAAHA XD XD
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I can see the merchandising now! XD
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If the Disney princesses were trolls and went into the sunlight.
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