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DC VS Marvel Roller Derby: Wonder Woman/Ms Marvel

So, I'm designing a set of "DC Comics VS Marvel Comics Roller Derby" art cards. I'll be doing them in pairs with 16 cards in all. First up, Wonder Woman VS. Ms Marvel (or Captain Marvel, if you prefer)

Next: "To know her is to fear her" VS The Girl of Steel!
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love all of these! Would it be possible to use them in our team bout poster ? I am with Quad State Derby Dames in Texarkana Texas.  We are not for profit and donate a portion of ticket sales to local charities
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DC all the way! Go Wonder Woman! Cheerleader 
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The whole set is just too precious for words! Love them all, great job!
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This is fantastic. :)
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These are too cute! Awesome colors!
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you could also do raven vs sacrlet witch is just an idea not obliged  to do your drawing (sorry my english is bad -_-)
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I can't help to be amazed on how cleverly you adapted their designs into this Roller Derby versions.
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Love roller derby, love Wonder Woman.
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Gorgeous work, K-Bo! Can't wait to see the rest of the set!
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I love these so much!!
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This is fantastic.
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Shut up and take my money! 

I cannot wait to see where this is going. Also I can only hope that a She-hulk is involved at some point :D 
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Great art! This looks like it's going to be an excellent (and, I hope, popular) series!
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I am so excited about this series.  It is a brilliant concept.  Roller girls is a brilliant metaphor to describe the relationship this two groups would have if they ever could meet.  
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