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Chaotic Commission

By kevinbolk
A commission for a longtime fan and friend who asked for Loki, Sheogorath, and Dischord having a tea party while it was raining cheese (or chis?). Ironic considering the Mascot comic I just posted. :D  


Copic Markers on bristol board.
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C5100 series
© 2013 - 2021 kevinbolk
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What in the god dam
Corwyn-Ulhar's avatar
Antstitle's avatar
Chis the God of..... cat?
Bysthedragon's avatar
That's awesome, Best tea party ever!
Looks like The Mask,  Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Deadpool and maybe Freakazoid forgot to come to the teaparty.
I decree, FREE CHEESE FOR ALL!!!!     Sheogorath you crazy Mofo!
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
Sheo and Loki who I love and Discord whose antics I approve of - COMPLTENESS IS EPICNESS EVERYBODY!!!
MelonDraws's avatar
Sheogorath, my favorite Daedric Lord~
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"And so after my brother fell through my prison, I told him 'Are you ever not going to fall for that'?"

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"Oh I got a tale to top that! Back when I was young, back in my narwhals riding days. I was digging a hole in the ground, started filling in with clouds, or was it clowns? It really began to stink, must have been clowns, they taste like butter, and tears. Where was I going with this again? Something about fish sticks and custard right?"
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CHEESE FOR EVERYONE...wait, cheese for no one XD
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There that's just as much a celebration for people that don't like cheese
lonelysith66's avatar
What is happening?!
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HailMyself's avatar
Discord just get fat. What did you feed him ???
scribeofinfinite's avatar
Why cheese of course, and mortal livers
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:iconheeplz: Awesome work with marker!
BeadGCF17's avatar
raining cheese because "CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!" :D :happybounce:
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I love all 3 characters! Wonderfully drawn!
Plutonian-Frostmonky's avatar
HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS EARLIER!!?!? :iconrainbowpukeplz:
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:icondiscord-plz:: Kevin, [ chuckles ] You do realise that my eyebrows are evenly distributed, correct? Otherwise, you're two eyebrows are now one.
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