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Bat-Villains: Scarecrow Art Card

More Bat-villains! Here's Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA: The Scarecrow!

Next: "No man can resist me..."
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I had no idea a cute little cartoon could be so terrifying! You've got skill!

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Can you do Woof, the hyena man from the Jokerz gang?
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I really don't know the original character design for this guy. XD There are WAY too many batman styles at DC...
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Kevin, thank you for drawing my all time favorite comic book character! :3
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All I know is that I love it! :dummy:
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I can see a mix from his second costume in BTAS mixed in with some Arkham Asylum a little. as well
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Oh god i love fear D:> Dear Gothem.... I am so alone :iconforeveraloneplz: XD XD XD I love the scarecrow :'D
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I feel like this guy is underplayed, especially given that he goes so well with Batman's "fear" motif. Instead, the clown is his arch enemy?
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"Now my dear, tell me what is can trust me. I'm a doctor"
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He is ALL kinds of creepy! And the background with the faces don't help lol.
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This has to be the scariest thing I've ever seen you make. The Grin just makes it seem like it came from a psychopath's nightmare. Other than that, great work and I enjoy your art.
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Awesome look for the Scarecrow!!
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scarecrow looks creepy
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Well, nightmares tonight for me.
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Excellent, The Scarecrow's always been one of my favorite rogues. I like that you used TAS's version. :D
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My favorite part about this is you gave him the notorious boobs n butt pose. If only he had a butt to show
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The creepiest villian, and a favorite.
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I like how you took all the best elements from the various interpretations of the Scarecrow, notably the noose from the post revamp B:TAS
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I'm loving these Batman villain art cards! So cool!
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