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All-Ben Affleck Justice League

I was at geek ground zero (Fan Expo Canada 2013) when the news dropped that Ben Affleck was gonna be the next Batman. I personally have nothing against Affleck and I had no desire to see anymore Batman films anyhow (especially not ones with the new "Man of Steel"), but there were a lot of people kvetching and complaining about it at the con and on the internet.

All this backlash, including a very loud and obnoxious Batman costumer who kept yelling about it and thought he was hilarious, now has me coming out in full support of Ben Affleck as Batman. In fact, Sarah and I want to see an ALL BEN AFFLECK JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE.

Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck, and Ben Affleck star in BEN AFFLECK!

We even want him to play all the villains...and the hall of Justice. This just goes to show you there's nothing that a metric crap-ton of unneccessaraly hostile kneejerk fan reaction can't inspire me to support. LET'S PETITION THE WHITE HOUSE AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN! :D
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Must be hard for Ben Affleck to play ALL of those characters XD hahahahaha! Kidding!
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I am laughing my ass off at this and I'm not sure why.
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love it lmao 10/10
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LOL This is totally awesome!
Do all Jesse Eisenberg Legion of Doom.
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Just amazing! 
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I'm alright with Ben being Batman I'm cuirous to see how he'll play him
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I can't contain my joyful weeping at the sight of this.
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Dang it, Ben AFLAC :iconaflacplz:! XD
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I've been in support of Batfleck since the beginning. I mean he can't possibly be worse than Christian Bale's screaming, psycho thug in silly rubber armour. Hopefully they go with a more subdued, calm and intimidating Batman that will at some point do something vaguely detective-like.
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Ben Affleck has grown!

Ben Affleck has grown by DanieleRossini  
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DC and Marvel should team up and make a Batman/Daredevil team-up.  Kingpin and Black Mask could be the villains.
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Now - an all Ben Affleck SCOOBY DOO!!!! Do it. Make it happen.
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When I first heard about this and heard the ranting, I just remember when the internet exploded in rage that Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker (BROKEBACK JOKER OMFG NO!)

Not that I think Affleck will bring that same level of dedication to Batman, but don't judge it til you see it. (granted, I'm one of a dozen people who actually owns Daredevil)
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(i loved daredevil) exactly thank you
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Best one has to be Ben as Dynomutt!
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That's not Dynomutt that's Scooby Do-no wait I mean uhhh *checks wikipedia* Wonder Dog yes that's what I meant.....

<_<, >_>

Oh who am I kidding I thought it was Dynomutt also.....
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