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A Cosplayer's Worst Nightmare

Oh, and you folks who are saying "Oh, that wouldn't be so hard", I say to thee "Talk is cheap. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!" ;-D

This was done as a joke for my good friend and fantastic costumer, Camille (aka: Chiara Scuro). I'm working on a costume design for the mascot of a local anime convention, Anime USA. Every year, the staff taps Camille to dress up as said mascot, so as a gag I wanted to design an outfit that would drive any her (or any cosplayer) INSANE. Had to dig deep and remember back to my old cosplay days. 9.9

And why sharks? I dunno, 'cuz sharks are AWESOME!

I'll post the fo' realz designs later. :D
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One of these days I'll get around to making a model of this in Cinema 4D....
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Someone SERIOUSLY should start suggesting this to professional cosplayers to see if they'll accept. Just imagine the publicity beating a challenge like that could bring.
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Challenge Accepted! (Not really, I just thought it fit XD)
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Holy shit, this is gold, dude! That costume...Totally legit, y'know? :P
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Well then, i love the picture, but i wonder how i will make it? never been much of a cosplayer
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i think i can make that outfit, the light show would be a trouble tough, and i would prolly end up trippin and falling due to the insane high hells and the uber heavy headress, i would have to use the gun as a sort of way to keep balance still that would be hard due to being made of paper mache on a wooden pole, and i would have to replace the top and bottom with a bikini colored with the usa flag, think about it, those need make-up glue to fit, and convention places are always hot as hell, the glue would melt and those would fall leaving shiny places where they were... I so do not want that kind of attention being partially naked and with no way to escape due to the gigantic platforms that would make it impossible to run... n.nU, challenge soo rejected : p
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Did you look to Rob Liefled for inspiration?
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Oops, misread when I posted the original comment, so yes, nearly a year.
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Took almost two years for someone to reply, but thanks, none the less.
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Two years? But it hasn't even been one...
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Could a man cosplay this?
SixGunShauna's avatar
I shall rise to the challange.
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Sharks with lasers. XD;;;
AWESOME! indeed, Kevin, AWESOME! indeed. ;D
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Screw making it, just TRY to wear the damn thing, the headpiece alone has to be about 15-20 lbs just right there, it's like taking all the weight a full suit of armor brings and shoves it all on your head.
Octoboy-the-8th's avatar
Ha ha ha.

Bonus if this challenge is directed to a MALE cosplayer.
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I'd say the hardest part would be piercing those undies on.
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her helmet-ear thingies form the flag of the netherlands XD
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I guess the are many possible nightmares for cosplayer.....
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someone's probably doing this right now for a cosplay XD
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