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A Bold, New Disney Princess 1

A detail from a piece I did over the weekend called Pageviews, here's Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid "boldly reimagined" as a Steampunk Cyborg Zombie Jedi Vampire!

I've got a poll going on my front page because I may do one or two more for my own twisted amusement (comment with something ridiculous I could add to the others). Can't you see this popping up at Hot Topic any day now? XD
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YES! I definitely see this at HT (& the young 'uns not understanding why I'm giggling at them) 
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This is hilarious. This will become a real trend now though.
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You should do more of these. All the Disney girls! This is awesome :)
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This one is very funny. I love the twisted take on disney.
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this is creepy and kinda ugly lol
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...That's kind of the point -_-
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Yeah well I'm just saying it. No need to be so sassy or rude. 
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You tell her. She is so rude! :)
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this combines two of my fave things: ariel, and starwars...LOVE IT!
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I love it.
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I looked at this and peed myself in my mind
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Steampunk cyborg Ariel is win. Though it would've been doubly awesome to see a vampiric mermaid with lamprey teeth.

...I just might have given myself an idea there...
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She is creepy cool!
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This is so intense! I love it XD
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I can see this in Hot Topic. o.o
Barbossa: In order to get to the Fountain of Youth, we'll have to face mermaids, zombies, and the dreaded Blackbeard!

Barbossa's crew: YEAH!

Barbossa:...did I mention that the mermaids are cyborgs armed with lightsabers?

Barbossa's crew: HOLY SHIT!
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