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PSD: Polaroid revisited

People seems to like my old polaroid illustration. As it was one of my first releases I never gave it any thought. But a few days ago I was checking what people looked at on my blog, and surprizinly it was the polaroid photoshop PSD file, and it has been downloaded, uhm, a lot. I had a look at the old PSD file - and I must admit it’s pretty messy

So, now I decided to make revisited release of the Polaroid illustration. Basically it’s made from scratch again, and I added some minor tweaks to it as well. The PSD includes two versions, a slanted one and a straight one. I also added some adjustmentlayers, which ofcourse can be turned on / off.

I hope you enjoy the re-release of Polaroid.

Visit the blog:

Oh, and any suggestions for category?
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I added this freebie to my list of Free Polaroid Templates…

Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you! love you! ♥
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Amazing. Thanks for making these available
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Very nice, should be useful. :)
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Perfect and awesome thanks!
wow... awesome ....
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I like so much!! Thanks =D
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mmm great job on this!!! :D

I'm thinking of using it in sort of like an intro picture to a modeling website currently under construction. Do I have your permission to do so?

I'll post a link when the site is up
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Sure thing, just make sure to make a link to my blog :)
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this is great. i used it here. [link]
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nice.. i like it very much. good work there!
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