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Fruits Illustrated

Fourteen colorful fruits. This iconset includes: Strawberry, banana, blackberry, peach, apple, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, coconut, orange, lemon, lime, cherries and a special orange.

Remember to check back for updates, both here and on my blog.

I couln't find a widget section here on DA, but I just used the icons in another little project. Fruitz...
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Super nice..So sweet and nicely done..Thank you for sharing this.
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It looks awesome.... Thank you for sharing...
joli travail ! et merci pour le partage...
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Why is the coconut peeled? Shouldn't it still have the skin like the other fruits?
thank you good job
Hi Kevinanderson,

May I please use this in a commercial game I am creating? I really suck at graphics design and love your images.
I promise to credit your fantastic work!

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Thank you :D love it
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cool set - looks healty ;-) - great work - thank you ! sn
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Hehe - I think it is still a tad charming. Interesting how quickly time goes. Thanks for the feature
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Still gorgeous :)

You've been featured on iconpaper :star:
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beautiful - so what can i use these for? (if permission is granted obviously)
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You could now post some Leopard-Ready ^^
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Oh man - that would mean that I would have to redraw every single one of them... Gaaargh! Nah - not right now :D
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LOL too bad you didnt save the original files. Next time you do a set of icons you know now ^^
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Well I saved the original files. But the thing is - the detail on them are just holding up on the size they are released in. I would have to work a lot to make them shine in 512px. - and I have so many other projects I would rather do.

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I see. Well, I hope to see more of you then
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cool.. this is what i wanted.
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Ah for god sake! i get so thirsty when i look at this! great job anyway.
and dude my name's also Kevin Andersson! but i'm only 14 and live in sweden but then again who gives a crap about that
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