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Playstation Network - kevrei20001

XBox Live - kevrei2000 if you want that to

Nintendo Network id - kevrei2000

Steam - kevrei2000

Origin - kevrei2000

My Most loved naruto girls:

1.Sakura Haruno

  1. Ino


My most Loved Final Fantasy Girls:


2.Lightning/Tifa Lockheart/Rikku/Paine/Fang/Serah/Vanille/Rinoa/Yuffie/Terra /Lulu

Favourite Anime/video game characters:

naruto,sakura,ino,tenten,aqua,sora,kairi,tidus & yuna,tifa lockheart,yoko kasumi,hitomi,kagome,rikku,nami,lightning & sara,lara croft,asuka kazuma,lili,chun li,winry rockbell and

ed, and alot of others

Most Favorite Animes:

  1. Naruto/Naruto Shipuuden

  2. InuYasha/InuYasha: The Final Act

  3. Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood

  4. Case Closed

  5. Salior Moon

  6. Yu Yu Hakusho

  7. Fooly Cooly

  8. Pokemon

  9. Soul Eater

  10. Darker Than Black

  11. Romeo × Juliet

  12. Claymore

  13. Bamboo Blade

  14. Black Lagoon

  15. Gurren Lagann

  16. Blue Gender

  17. Burst Angel

  18. Suzuka

  19. Shinchan

20. One Piece

21. Lupin The 3rd

22. Narbari No Ou

23. Murder Princess

24. Moon Phase

25. Kaze No Stigma

26. Jyu-Oh-Sei

27. Gunslinger Girl

28. The Galaxy Railways

29. Full Metal Panic

30. EL Cazador

31. Digimon

32. Dragonaught: The Resonance

33. DragonBall Seris

34. Devil May Cry Anime

35. Blassreiter

36. Vandread

37. The Tour Of Druaga: The Sword Of Uruk

38. Eureka 7 or Seven

39. Rave Master

40. Cowboy Bebop

41. Trigun

42. Hamtro

44. S-Cry-Ed

45. Bleach

46. Zoids

47. Gundum Seris

48. Hikaru No Go

49. MÄR

50. Big O

51. Samurai Champloo

52. Voltron

53. Cayborg 009

54. Beyblade

55. Shamen King

56. Rurouni Kenshin

57. Zatch Bell

58. Medabots

59. High School of The Dead

60. Queen's Blade

61. Shugo Chara!

62. Pani Poni Dash

63. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

64. Lucky Star

and More

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
celldweller,disturbed,nightwish,anime,whin tempation and alot of others
Favourite Books
Manga,News,alot of others
Favourite Games
kingdom hearts,final fantasy,devil may cry,reident evil, dead or alive & alot of others
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
pencil,paper,camera,tripod,scanner,printer,photoshop and others

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