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Pragmatic 3.0

Pragmatic 3.0

:la: Wow now my Pragmatic3.0 is Skin of the Month (March & April 2011) in Rainmeter community.You can check it out here [link] :eager:

A complete new version of my previous rainmeter skins Pragmatic [link] , Pragmatic 1.0 [link] and Pragmatic 2.0 [link]

:bulletblue: 24 configs in total

:bulletblue: Customizable

:bulletblue: Easy to use

:bulletblue: Easy to modify

:bulletblue: Settings provided for easy usage of Pragmatic 3.0

:bulletblue: Includes almost everything you need on your desktop.

:bulletblue: Light size

:bulletblue: New look and feel

Please do comment :shoutbox: and fav :+fav: my work if you liked.It would be much appreciated. :D




and thanks to
~bogo-d for his Project icons
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namanjain111222 You need to install Rainmeter from
And then, on this page here, there is a download button in the top right corner. Should be easy from there.
will you please tell me how to install your skin in my windows 10 pc. 
will u please tell me how to install your skin 
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Wow, nice skin!
how to change music player to windows media player! need help here!
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This is fantastic! :D
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magnifique,thank you
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I was looking all over the place for a rm skin that would give me similar functionality like the taskbar and the option to have a kind of dock or additional bar for applications I'm using the most. I think I just found what I was looking for. I haven't checked out all features of your skin yet, but I already like it a lot. not only that it's very productive, showing all the information the user wants / needs to know without wasting any valuable space on the screen, but it also offers easy access to your favourite apps aswell as being easy to customize. On top of it all it's pleasant to look at and fits all kinds of desktop wallpapers well. Really nice work.
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Thanks a lot for liking my skin.Appreciate it lot.
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How do I configure the "All Programs" Menu of the Start Menu coming with your skin? I looked at the .ini files but I can't seem to find what I'm searching for. There was a variable pointing to "%program files%" which I edited so it would point to a folder full with shortcuts. After that I refreshed the skin but the only thing I get in the "All Programs" section of the skin's start menu are a bunch of zeros. I also tried it with the settings dialoge that comes with your skin setting the "software" path to a folder full with shortcuts. But that didn't work either. I think I'm missing something, but maybe you've got a solution to my problem?
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Very clean and elegant. Nicely done!
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Great skin! well done! But how do I hide the default window taskbar? :)
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thanks mate.. u can use various programs to hide it like object dock, or you can auto hide the taskbar
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how many HDD sources does it have?
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