Good news! and small bad news

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First off, let me just THANK YOU..really thank you all for the well wishes as the last few months have been a bunch of bad news and  a tough time with death of my mom , cousin and 2 puppies.  I know I didn't get to address you all , but everyone that checked in , commented and what not, I appreciate all the kind words.

I'l start with the somewhat  bad news--- for now, commissions are closed.  For the  people that have them in the pipeline , they are all being done, thats why Im closing any future requests.

And the Good News--- Im starting, within 2 weeks,  A planned 8 issue run for a book for one of the Big Two.

So I just wanted to say thanks for the positive words and well-wishes, i'll be posting fun stuff up soon. :D

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I'm so glad to hear about the gig! Dude I hope the 8 issues turns into an ongoing gig for you! It's great to hear that some good things are coming your way. We'll keep praying for you that this new trend carries for a long long time!