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Roboto's Lament

A kinda warm up sketch. Im a BIG, BIG, BIG , Big time He-man and Thundercats fan. I usually get slammed by some fans because I don't dig every character in those properties , but what I do like , I am RABID about. Im a geek of the highest order rivaled only by my love for all things Hulk, Wolvy, Shazam, Flash and Batman.

Anyway, this was done on really crappy 8.5x11 bristol, red lead, 2h lead and a slight homage to the work of Alfredo Alcala :)

MOTU is copyright Mattel.
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this is epic!!
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Faker's done a number on poor Roboto.
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Sir, This Is Badass!
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wow, stunning pencils dude
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I love this! Excellent work!

By thy side,

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Awesome. I'm such a fanboy. I need to go look at my copy of Book again. Just to remember my first affair with your work all over again. LOL
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i haveee the powerrrrrrrrrrrr cool pin up.
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You´r welcome Kevin.
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nice work im a huge Heman and Thundercats fan too
.....esp their theme music!!
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Im a other Big fan! Thanks, Diego
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He-Man is wearing Skeletor's chest plate!, nice! ;)
Kevin-Sharpe's avatar wiseguy !

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Oh any chance of an inked version for us colourists?? :D
Kevin-Sharpe's avatar
I might upload a high res of the pencils unless someone wants a try at inks. :)
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A friend of mine said he might try digitally ink it.
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Hey Kevin this piece is really great! Love the details, fellow He-Fan!
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This is very beautifully detailed. I would love to see it colored one day! Excellent job on the shading and stunning human figure.
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very good to hear you like it :D
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Great piece. One my fav comics of all times is the first He-man comic that came with Man AT Arms. Alfredo Alcala's art on that comics was freaking awesome. As was all his art on those early Masters of the Universe comics. I still have the ones his worked on. I look at them for inspiration from time to time. Again great piece.
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You ... are ... AWEESOOOOME!!!!!!
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YOU ..are...way :D
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