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It's Tenn'O Clock

Mesa piece I did awhile back, experimenting on new method.
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I can't wait to see you make a Mesa Prime piece
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Oh boi it'll be Christmas all over again for me!
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Mismatched duel wielding would be awesome
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Love that frame, though people call me worthless when playing with rando's because she's no longer an omnidirectional instant killing, press 4 and hold left click Sentry Gun
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A fellow Tenno :D
More WarFrame arts is appreciated. 
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great balance in colors. She has cool outfit too
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Oh my god I WANT THAT
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this is some killer artwork. You mention that your were experimenting on a new method. Would you be able to elaborate what that new method was?
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Painting with tradiational brushes, details control and edge control to keep the painting more interesting :) 
This is sick. Months later I'm still farming her. :V
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sick piece. absolutley love the lighting on this one.
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I really like the lighting in this one, I think it compliments your overall style.
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Very nice Warframe art
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*Mcree voice*
It's High Noon!
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I can't forward this at all.this isn't a text.-_-
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Would you please not do this BS!?
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