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Commission - Naaru and the Guardians

Warframe commission

Naaru by…

Credits for using the orokin guardian concept as reference:
Guardian by Krion112…

if you are interested, feel free to send me a a note / message via gmail [ ] . :)
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I seriously thought those were figurines
Sellar's avatar
Why always when i watching this art i see hockey match, forward-excal surrounded by enemy team. :D
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This character is so cool that I'm trying to make a similar one. I just don't know if I'm going to find his helmet's blueprint.
tyban's avatar
pendragon helmet
Asurakai125's avatar
Yes, I know. But this helmet almos don't appear in alert missions. 
tyban's avatar
you need to buy it
Asurakai125's avatar
Well shit. But I swear I saw that helmet in an alert mission before. I just didn't have the map unlocked.
Iccotak's avatar
Do you have art of the enemies in the piece? Warframe could definitely use Orokin based enemies
FastPaint's avatar
Superb, one favourite of many, fine gallery of work. Thank you. Alan.
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Dude can i ask one thing? Please make a speedpaint videooo, i'm really stuck at my improving my drawing skill about coloring and i don't know what to dooo (yeah, i'm that desperate) :'))). I love how you draw the pose and the perspective in this art, it looks like basic perspective but it looks superb! Keep up the good work!
Raywolfgang's avatar
Woah! I really like that details and also that is hell of a art you hv there!
Kevin-Glint's avatar
Thanks man! Much appreciated!
Peter-117's avatar
A creation worthy of PrimeTime! (and my favorites folder).

I recall that Naaru is a fan-made warframe. Is it yours?
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Congratulations! This was actually featured on Primetime #152!
Kevin-Glint's avatar
It belongs to my client :)
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I am curious to know what type of warframe Naaru is. I would guess that he is a melee focused frame modeled after a samurai. Has your client determined his abilities?
Peter-117's avatar
😕 Just "Excaibur"? Does that mean Naaru has the same abilities?
Inkary's avatar
it's just a customized excalibur with immortal skin and pendragon helmet and custom (not present in game) attachments.
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