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Sarah the little showoff

The title is actually spin off of one of 's fan art pictures of Sarah, but it fits for the picture so yay. So yes, Sarah being all tease-y and I hope you all like it. I spent a lot of time on the line art, so hope you all think it is snazzy too, and man I really need to avoid doing water effects, ew.

Look, I didn't disappear for 6 months!

Sarah and artwork copyright Kevin S and Joe M.
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I've been wondering about this sice febuary, are those marks under Sarah's eyes tatoos or something else?
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Lovely picture, I like the colors. Though the water could look a little more realistic.
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Thanks, but the water isn't really ment to look realistic. I guess I was going for a more cartoony cel-shaded style. ^_^;
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Nice work man, good to see you back :) I like the design of her top, and the way it adheres to the contours of her body ;)
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From what I hear the painted-on look is very in this year, glad you like! :D
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My names Sarah!! :faint: Great picture by the way. Lover her expression the most! :D
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Thanks much! And yay for fruit loops!
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I love the inking work here, as well as the cell shading. You've really been improving a whole lot and its really awesome to see that <3 Its like every pic you post up is just better and better :3
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Thanks so much :hug: After my presentation next week I hope to get back into the swing of things.
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Very cool. I like how the water looks
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Thankie, I am glad you like how they came out. :)
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Showin' off? Heh. Jane will put her in her place soon enough. =p
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Too many fan boys would die from blood lost I would think. :p
AzaleaCloud's avatar
If they didn't die from this --> [link] I think they'll be okay. ^^;
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True but remember, that isn't Jane showing off is it? :p
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No.... No, it's not.
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Wow...elven foxy-ness. ~_^
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Is there any other elven-ness? Haha thanks!
JINwaBAKA's avatar ^^

No prob. ~_^
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she really is showing off!
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It is part of her plan to make sure she never has to pay for cookies again, I am sure.
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Cute, the lineart's awesome. :3
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