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Jane, Laire and Sarah

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A present for , this is his elf Laire (on the every left with the red tail) having some fun with Sarah and Jane. I have been playing around with various line sizes, and started adding random stuff to the background like the jellies and fish and the crab. Also 's squid, Earl makes a cameo, and sits atop Sarah's head. How cute. Hope you all like it!

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Cyberweasel89's avatar
Hm... Jane must have excruciatingly small nipples for them to be covered up with a strand of kelp... It is actually rather unrealistic, but I suppose fanservice does not have to be realistic...

And I'm not saying this out of a desire to see Jane's nipples. I'm gay... ^^;
ZR-the-hedgehog's avatar
They're waiting for me under the sea.... can it be?
JINwaBAKA's avatar
Great picture. ^^

And I love how Jane just decided to forgo the shells. ~^ lol
GeisKing1's avatar
love the way the skin fades in to the tails
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Thanks, it was a bitch to do that!
spathicblond's avatar
UnnaturalLump's avatar
the colours are spiffy!
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Thanks, and welcome back to DA.
BooMistress's avatar
*drools* You have some amazing work!!
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Thanks much! :D I have been trying a lot of new styles in hopes of improving.
BooMistress's avatar
Well it's working! *dances*
TheScorpion's avatar
(Whistling "Under the Sea") Guess dear Jane couldn't find a pair of clams big enough ^^ (dodges her assault with her tail) Eeee...
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Jane is against clam violence. :p
TheScorpion's avatar
I'm sure the clams were bred in captivity or somethin'
HobbsEnd's avatar
Beautiful line work, and your backgrounds is great! I'm reminded of the song Octopus' Garden by the Beatles. Man, now I would REALLY love to be under the sea! I love the coloring as well, you've really got the blending of the skin into the scales down perfectly!
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Thanks, Jane's scales were probably the most annoying thing in the picture to do. Thanks loads for the favorite and comment! :D
LEGENDofLMPF's avatar
Once again, my art is put to shame and I want to go find a corner to cry in.
Damn my emoness! -shakes fist-

But, this is absolutely wonderful! I love how the tails seem to melt in with the body color. Looking absolutely cool. The glowing of the jellyfish is uber cool as well.
The girls look great.
Jane- Looking uber gorgeous in all her large breastedness. But, I was just thinking, and it may just be me, but wouldn't a bit of nipple be showing? Hehe~ Oh dear. My dirty mind. I apologize.
Laire- Ooo! One of the cutest elf girls ever to grace this planet. I think you did an awesome job on her. She looks so cute.. But, some of her arm on the left would be showing (her right arm). Is she supposed to be one armed or is it just how her arm is bending? But, I still love how she looks. Makes me ever jizzy. <3
Sarah- Sarah has to be my favorite of this peice. She looks all adoreable and shy. And with that squid on her head? She hit the huge adoreable and sexah spot in my books.
Ooo! That crab.. Taking my crab! Hehe~ I jokes, I jokes.. But, that crab is awesome. -steas him and puts him between boobs- He's mine now! <3 <3

But, a great peice of work. Hopefully soon I will have something good enough to compete with. Doubtful, but I do hope.
A fav in my books, poppet. <3
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Yay everyone seems to love the scale to skin action! :boogie:

Hehe her nipples SHOULD be showing, but in order to keep the fanboys' and fangirls' heads from exploding, they had to be drawn slightly smaller. ^_^

Hehe oops maybe her no it is a perspective shot! Yup, definitely! Yay for extra points for the squid! *throws Sarah at you to hug you*

Oh right you have a crab too! i just remembered, wow I should have drawn a crab in your style too. *pokes crab* beware teh pinchyness!

Glad you like it! :hug:
solitaire-scribbler's avatar
Jane looks absolutely crazy! Yay! :boogie: Sarah looks cute as always and eeeeeeeee i want that squid! :cookie::heart:
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Hehe you will have to ask zombielily for the squid, it is hers.

look at one of the comments "...But, that crab is awesome. -steas him and puts him between boobs- He's mine now!..." pinchy crabs!

Thankies for the comment! :hug:
MDetector-5's avatar
This is very nice! I like this!

I might ask you for something... wait for the note!
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Ask me for something?

Glad you like.
MDetector-5's avatar

Yeah, I was thinking of something involving Jane and Bee...
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