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Cute to Hot Squid

Wow, sure has been awhile? There has been alot of crap getting in the way, but I now have a lot of free time! Yay, so expect more art! I am alittle rusty, but here is a pic (was it an art trade? I forget, probably, or bday gift) for , her character Squid's entry into the Cute to Hot series. I hope she and all of you like it!

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Holy dayum. O.O
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This is some nice work, and it's been a while since I've seen new stuff from you!
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Thanks, glad you like it! I should be posting a lot more I hope.
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You're welcome!
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Cute to hot indeed. <3

Wb too,been awhile since you've been around. ^^
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Hopefully I will be around more. :p
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Yay! I was wondering when we'd see more of your great art work! great pic btw ^_^
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Thanks much, and thanks for the favorite on this!
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Awesome! Welcome Back LoL!
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Thanks, hopefully I will be posting more. :p
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Your lineart, colouring AND shading have like improved SO much since your last image, like its really amazing =)

I love the shading the most, and the lineart and how smooth it is even if its cell shaded. I love the folds in the shirt the most, and how you did the eyes and lips ;D I really enjoy the outline around her too, it makes her stick out nicely without being tacky. The font chosen for the name is awesome, and I like how its almost like a render of that other image I did of Squid, only not and in your style, and much curvier xD

Thanks for trading with me ;D Cant wait to see the other one xDDDDD
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Thanks, very glad you like it! ^_^

I actually had to redraw the lips in photoshop, which was annoying, grrrrr I dislike doing lips but as long as they look good? ^_^

Welcome for the trade! :hug: Hope you liked it.
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What is the "Cute to Hot" series?
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"Cute to hot" series is kinda I think I have with ZL, where one of her cute girls is drawing in a hot-ish manner. :3 Most involves uber-curvyness.
AreallyChibiBitch's avatar
Ah. I thought it was a contest.
Kevin-Generic's avatar
No but that not be a bad idea. ^_^
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Awesome pic. Welcome back, Kev.
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Thanks much! :D And thanks for the first fav.
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