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Compact Pulse: Chapter 2

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A gift-comic for for his site's anniversary. If anyone remembers, a little over a year ago I posted [link] which was a summary of chapter one of his Pulse comic, consolidated into one page. Well this is abit of a follow up, doing the same to chapter 2. Hope he and all you like it.

Artwork and buildoff concept kinda-copyrighten by & (Anyone know how to make an correct copyright of this?)
Origional ideas, concepts, characters and designs excluding Mr Button copyright
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Cyberweasel89's avatar
Ah, that was quite amusing. I am heavily entertained. :XD:

ReiqRocks's avatar
All hail Mr.Button!
synaid's avatar
My favorite part? "aaaah! My head!"
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Aw not the reappearence of Mr Button? :(
lightfootcomics's avatar
Eat? Why would anyone want to see her eat? She knows how to please readers. She thought to herself "what would Jungle Girl do?". I think that for most people the shower scene is all they would remember from that comic.

I err, see that you both saw some of the problems with that comic, as well as noticed some things I have yet to reveal. It also always surprises me how many people were confused about Sparrow/Anya. I thought people would see it coming a mile away, I mean there were only three girls in the first few comics, Sparrow had to be the spy from the beginning of the comic. But I probably waited so long people forgot about it.

How did the spider-droid get the button from Annie? (as I assume it's the button from the end of the first comic)

I see in the one panel "box of (something) green lights". I'm not sure how Nigel's place became so green. It was either from me or Varchild (as he later colored the first few comics, but I don't remember if it was before I started coloring the later comics).
Kevin-Generic's avatar
"What would Jungle Girl do?" before remembering there are not many waterfalls in Britian. Maybe this comic will give them a poke in the direction of re-reading chapter 2.

Haha well I seen it abit from a mile away, or atleast a few years away. Then again you kinda hinted at it. Does that mean I am right about Tom being the Silver Dragon?

I think the bigger question is how did the button get to the spider droid! Yeah that is the Mr Button from the first comic, I figure it will become a running gag for most of the compact Pulse comics. As for HOW it got there, ummmmmm, I'm going with "the button was granted life and teleportation powers due to it being hit with the energy beam in Chapter 1, reacting to the non-organic body giving which is why it has powers that Sparrow and Anne don't." How is that for an excuse?

The word in question is "alotta", and I was wondering why there was so much green lighting throughout chapter 2 so I thought it would make a cute little gag of having a big box of green light bulbs in the background of the underground base (added in to the background about 10 minutes before it was posed on DA.)
lightfootcomics's avatar
Well, something is odd about Tom. That is one of several options. I haven't commited to any yet, but I'll have to pick one by the end of the next Pulse comic.
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Well I figured he was either the Silver Dragon but there are a few plot holes that would make. That or a robot, either rogue or otherwise like the blonde twins.

End of next comic, ooo spoilers. Can't wait.
Razthehedgehog's avatar
wow quite random and funny, well done! +Fav
PhilcoTV's avatar
A really funny send-up of the Pulse comic! It reminds me of an old Mad Magazine parody of Reader's Digest:
Gone with the Wind (condensed)
"Fiddle-de-dee" said Scarlet O'hara.
"Sure glad that bloody war is over," said Rhett Butler.
*the end*
Razthehedgehog's avatar
Wow that's quite funny and good, well done! +Fav
moonlitknight's avatar
LOL! Nicely summarised again ;)
darkflames05's avatar
hahaha do the others too missing materia needs cliff notes too XD
KonekoRyu's avatar
damn! I really need to get back to that comic '_'; I just stopped reading after ch1 for some reason o_o;
Kevin-Generic's avatar
Thanks to me you can start on chapter 3. :p It is a pretty good comic, thou his PeEVEd one might just be my favorite.
KonekoRyu's avatar
peeved is another I wanna check out ^^
arconius's avatar
The return of Mr. Button! :D
Kevin-Generic's avatar
All hail the great King Mr Button!
CycKath's avatar
Very amusing :)
Nuke-Mayhem's avatar
Funny and fan-service. What's not to love? :D
Kevin-Generic's avatar
More funny then fan-service I like to think, thanks. :p
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