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i like to make Logos... ya thats it xD






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the Series X is a thing

[it's what project scarlett became]

Greetings, Kevboard.

My name is Lyric, and...

...I think you remember me. ;)

I did myself a little font based on a GameSpot logo you did, and... well, we've never really gotten back in touch since.

I've vastly improved both in skill and behavior since we met, I can tell you that.

I was wondering... Since the big guys confirmed the PS5 for "Holiday 2020" not too long ago, maybe you've got some ideas?

Sorry for the late reply (a bad habit of mine)

Yeah, coincidentally I just made some PS5 logos, and a revisioned version of the original PS1 font to match. :)

gotta tell you tho, designing a logo in the now established style of their logos, with a 5 in it isn't easy...

I really wonder how they'll end up doing it tbh... the spacing between the S and the 5 is an issue with their established design language

Checked yours out - not bad.


I've seen some ideas and had some of my own... ;)

Two things.

One: If you wanted to do a full font out of one of your ideas, I could tackle it.

Two: I was wondering if you still had the files for your "ModernClassics" series :)

ModernClassics -1- Nintendo Entertainment System

I have pretty much all my files still yes.

and as long as you credit me for impsiration go ahead with any font you wanna make out of my logos ^_^

I usually only make the letters I really need and am done with it, some fonts could actually be really cool if fully fleshed out

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Dude, are you like, still there?
Do you do commissions?