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tSotF portrait Gladiolus 01 large

By KevAegis
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We are far apart
but the heart never rests
and the thought of you lingers
in the back of my mind
pulling yours next to mine
closer than ever before.
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Very sweet and tender but still a little spice in there too ^.-

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They are, aren't they? :D
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yep, I wanna join in xD
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Thank you :dance: I think they are too! XD
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OMG, this bear couple is so adorable and fantastic. I need a hug now!!! Huggle! 
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There is nothing in the world more important than LOVE, regardless of race, color, religion or sexual orientation. All beings that are in the earth's face looking for love, I envy those who can find the love of their lives.
This bear couple is an excellent lfe example! Love
I want a bearhug now! Huggle! 
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hehe, I agree, and there's no reason to be envious of others, because if you are looking to love someone, you will find one, for sure, trust me on this! ;) :hug:
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Your art is amazing as always Kev! Hope you're doing well! Miss you loads! <3
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Thx filipy u r too kind! We miss u guys very much! <3 <3
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This is very beautiful congratulate you for the great work you did with this masterpiece.
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Thank you very much! :)
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wow! just wow. this art is wow. did i say that its a wow art.
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Thx toby, you are too kind! orz orz orz orz orz (that's 1 orz for each wow u gave me :D)
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Pan down damn it!
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:D I'm afraid it's just empty space beyond the intended safe-for-work frame XD
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Oh my...
The handsomeness of these two cute guys!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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They are quite... dreamy :D
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