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Barack Obama Poster

By Kev89
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Recreation of Shepard Fairey's Barack Obama "Hope" poster.

You can download the Illustrator file here! ;-)
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He was a good president. 
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May I use this for a project on morphing?
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Uhhh believe, uhhh yes you uhh can
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''When you implement “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” magically, everyone starts having quite a lot of need and very little ability.'', Obama supporter's thank you for supporting a anti American, a Anti Constitunalist, Pro Muslim Brotherhood and Pro New World Order Thank you, no If it wasnt for you we would not have 16,926,942,500,900$ In Debt, we would not have a Now Broken down Downgraded military force, now a police upgraded Nazism/Facism Military Police, Without you We now have abortion, we now have welfare checks, Detroit is now gone, Mexicans are poring into the United States there is no law and order, no Balance, No Goverment its all a socalist lie Wake up people we are heading down the road of a NWO(New World Order) If you do not Beleve me well, Believe your ''god'' Look up Obama/Biden Saying they want a New World Order, They want to control you and they have it is not about left or right its about Wrong and Right you who all voted for oba- Sorry Barry Soetoro hes real name, in 08' and 12' You have doomed america into a path of no return Thanks to you there is going to be a war in syria are military is going to Help the rebels which are al qaeda, You have doomed us, and if you think im just making stuff up, Well sorry to tell you the TRUTH but if you do not believe me do your reserch look it up

America 1776-2008 R.I.P.
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Yoooo I love this man!!
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Woot! OBAMA 2012!
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how is this effect called?

(the red/blue/tan thing)
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Good job but the word under his picture should be IDIOT
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can you please make one from the trololo guy edward khil

he's awesome

I Had Pet Lion
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I believe, that Obama is nothing but a communist asshole who's in over his head :D
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I believe you are a sodomite, who bombs churches, and then goes home and eats children.

see? I can say stuff with no basis in fact, too! It doesn't make it true.
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I wish someone could say that to Obama bashers every single day
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And I believe that you are a drunk fuck tard who has a 40 IQ.
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You got that right!
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socialism! now in color! *thumbs up to all you who voted Obama!*
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Much nicer than the one on psd tuts. What a shame your tut was not picked up.
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... You know, you people are only looking stupid by coming here and telling us how eeeevil Obama is. This is a promotional picture - why are you coming here and forcing your views on us?
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It reminds me of the good old pictures of Lenin & Premier Stalin! [link] :fuzzydemon:
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Special thanks, because I've always wanted to know how the hell he did this in Ai
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