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Paris Elliot,  a character that I just posted up. You know sometimes that you have a character that represents you, that's that what this are piece if about.

Now I have no idea what do with it, I am already debating with myself about doing a comic series with Paris Elliot or do more poses and paintings with him e.g. Paris riding down a horse.  

Anyone has any ideas, let me know what you think in the comments bellow, either in the pic or in the journal here
Reflection in the Eye" 

Writing this while I'm listening hakanaku mo towa no kanashi,  So it's basically a really good song that I love to listen to, and it basically gave me a new piece that I called Reflection in the Eye, which I just posted up.

To be honest, when I was watching Gundam 00, I founded this song and decided to get the idea of having a reflection in the eye.  I would do it as a fan art character, but I though it would make sense if I had some more practice first. I think I got the color choices down when I do some shading, do you need that in an eye? 

But I think I got it down. I can not wait for my Graphic tablet to come in. Let's just say it'll give me more control of my drawings.  
Why dose it feel that what you visionize isn't working how it should be.

I know it's about trial and error, but still can't it be something that we can put expectation into reality.  That piece about clay being alone, the on i made is an example about what I visualized clay doing.  

But it's not just that, there are so many things I visualized that I wanna draw but can't, it's like not being able to put what you wanna say or how you wanna say it into writing.  

The worst part of some of them is that they're like lightning "it flashes bright, then fades away"

Although the one cool thing about having music to help u visualize is that they can always return, I may not be an art Expert or really good at art, but I can at least take what I see piece by piece like clay and hannah having the red string of fate, or tony looking at the stars, on the left hannah recording her voice, on the right, clay listening to a tape, with his knees clutching to his chest and face burried in his arms, some idea that just came to me
Ahh, I still can't figure out how to do this shading thing! Not to mention my art work looks bad, like the "can I have a moment for myself" piece; trust me, I didn't mean to draw clay bad, watch 13 reasons why and you'll know who clay is.   I think I can work with trial and error, not just shading, but how to do the characters, only a month till boxing day where I can get a graphic tablet! In other words,