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Paris  Zach seperate Ninelie Covere  by kev4ever Paris  Zach seperate Ninelie Covere  by kev4ever
One of the songs that I love to listen to 

Paris is out at night alone under the stars.  From behind he feels a hand on his shoulder.  To see it was only Zach.  

Zach: what are you doing out here
Paris: (Pulling his earbuds out) Getting away from life
Zach: From life
Paris: Got into a major fight with TJ.
Zach: Tell me about it
Paris: Sighs as he looked at zach, trying not to turn red as Zach's hans was still on his shoulder
Paris: I guess I'm just tired of fighting, I had to do a major beat down with him, and guess who got detention.
Zach: I heard about that; 
Paris: I've acutally used it; 
Zach: looks at him in wonder
Paris: the Fate worse than hell.
Zach remebers the first time he used that move on someone, he wished that he never saw it, but at the same time it save him, Paris, and all their friends.
The song keeps playing from the earbuds of Paris's phone
Paris: takes a deep breath- Zach, will yous stay with me
Zach: sat down beside Paris and took the earbud that he offered him.
The two of them sat back to back as they both looked up at the stars.
Zach: A really good Cover
Paris: who's face turned red - yeah
Both of them: I love this part of the song
They both sang the part out together while Paris allowed his heart to pump rapidly…
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