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Offering Exchagne by kev4ever Offering Exchagne by kev4ever
I think this one is one of my best piece that I've done so far. Trial and errors, playing it by ear and everything.  Especially with figuring out how to draw a ghost and what colors schemes to use to give it a transparent affect.

Story of this piece:

A couple years ago, heard a really weird noise outside my room, a really creepy song that didn't stop till 4 A.M.  Plus watching some supernatural genre, playing creepy Nancy Drew Games, and even putting talisman on my room. I had this idea of basically walking in this dark creepy forest one time alone, and the one thing that I basically thought of bringing was a small bag of sweets e.g. candied fruits and actual candy, and even carrying a good luck charm to keep me safe.  So I run into this ghost, (I chose a Greek Spartan for a reason since I basically think I should keep the ghost armor simple), and basically to get it out of my way, I decided to give it my bag of sweets as an offering to appease the evil thing, and hold up my talisman so it'll back off.

The Chinese character on the bag is the Chinese word for "Guard" and the ofuda "Stay back evil"

I don't know how to write either of them, so I tried to figure out what steps I should do to make it look write.  
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