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Oni Mask
If you ever want to use this sword on the Oni, good luck, there is a deadly contract that must be sealed in ordered to use it's power, and you must also pass it's impossible trial. Many have tried, all have failed horribly.  

May not be my best worked, because it took me only one day to finish this piece of work.

I have three Oni mask necklace, it came from this really cool online store In Control Clothing which has these Oni mask necklace you can buy.

Plus since I read somewhere they were used as good luck charms.  Feel free to download it and use it as your wallpaper for your phone, that will keep away evil spirits. 
Destiel, Dean's wish Tanabata Wish
So, I start watching Supernatural and I am in love with Destiel! which is why I  made this really rushed fan art (I am doing my best here!).

Please make a fanfic of this and let me know:

After exerosing a ghost in town, Team Free Will found out that today is Tabanabata.  Sam quickly did some research on his phone and found out what to do on this day, as they heard that they get to make wishes.  Dean, who couldn't help but feel his heart rapidly beat ever time he is close to Castiel, and Castiel's heart doing the same.

Dean wanted to kiss Castiel so badly, he didn't just want to be a friend to Castiel, he wants to be more than that, he wants to hear him talk, laugh, cry, angry, everything with Cas. 

On that night, Dean took a piece of paper and wrote his wish and hanged it on the bamboo branch.

"I hope Cas doesn't see this" said Dean, as Sam was putting up his wish.

Dean jumped up to see Castiel behind him, carrying an Omamori in his pocket. 

"Cas, hi" said Dean as he couldn't believe what he just said.

"Hi Dean" said Cas

"Did you write your wish yet" said Cas, raising an eyebrow as he would usually get a 'Damn it Cas'

Dean turned red, 

"yes" said Dean

"what is it"

"Damn it cas, you don't ask people what they wish for" said Dean

"I think that's for birthdays" said Sam as he looked at the other wishes

Dean gave his brother a "really" look

"I know what you're hiding, you've been acting weird since 'Hi Cas'" said Cas.

Dean sighed,

"You really know what I wished for"

Castiel nooded

Dean took a deep breath, and pulled Castiel Tie towards him, he closed his eyes tightly as he kissed Castiel, which Castiel's face turned red. 

"This is my wish" whispered Dean

this is my fanfic idea, please use this as inspiration 

and Happy Tanabata
Paris Zach seperate Ninelie Covere
One of the songs that I love to listen to 

Paris is out at night alone under the stars.  From behind he feels a hand on his shoulder.  To see it was only Zach.  

Zach: what are you doing out here
Paris: (Pulling his earbuds out) Getting away from life
Zach: From life
Paris: Got into a major fight with TJ.
Zach: Tell me about it
Paris: Sighs as he looked at zach, trying not to turn red as Zach's hans was still on his shoulder
Paris: I guess I'm just tired of fighting, I had to do a major beat down with him, and guess who got detention.
Zach: I heard about that; 
Paris: I've acutally used it; 
Zach: looks at him in wonder
Paris: the Fate worse than hell.
Zach remebers the first time he used that move on someone, he wished that he never saw it, but at the same time it save him, Paris, and all their friends.
The song keeps playing from the earbuds of Paris's phone
Paris: takes a deep breath- Zach, will yous stay with me
Zach: sat down beside Paris and took the earbud that he offered him.
The two of them sat back to back as they both looked up at the stars.
Zach: A really good Cover
Paris: who's face turned red - yeah
Both of them: I love this part of the song
They both sang the part out together while Paris allowed his heart to pump rapidly…
Paris Elliot,  a character that I just posted up. You know sometimes that you have a character that represents you, that's that what this are piece if about.

Now I have no idea what do with it, I am already debating with myself about doing a comic series with Paris Elliot or do more poses and paintings with him e.g. Paris riding down a horse.  

Anyone has any ideas, let me know what you think in the comments bellow, either in the pic or in the journal here


A guy who appreciates all art, and can be easily inspired in one way or another. My art may not be the best, but I can at least do my best, and that's the best I can do,


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