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Spud by Ketutar Spud by Ketutar
Sean 'Spud' Powell, "the Irish Potato"

Spud isn't the "usual" red-haired Irishman. He is potato-colored all over; his hair is dark honey, his skin is tawny, his eyes are amber... if you want to be nice. In reality, his hair, skin and eyes were all potato-colored. Unspecified beige. This is why he got the nickname "Spud". He tried to get rid of it with every possible way, but as it often is the case, the harder one tries to get rid of something, the harder it sticks. His childhood friends kept calling him Spud, and so all the new friends he got started doing it too. The only one who never called him Spud was his first girlfriend, a skinny red-haired girl Ann, who wore glasses, braces and braids and hated Anne of Green Gables.

When he was younger, he experimented with hair dyes and colored lenses, but didn't like them, so he chose covering his eyes with sunglasses in stead. He doesn't dye his hair anymore, but he still wears sunglasses as often as he can, and he loves hats.
His hair is naturally wavy, and he keeps it half-short. He once shove his head to get rid of at least one potato-colored element, but looked like mr. Potatohead, so he won't do that mistake again.

This is also the reason why he hates potatoes. He never eats any. He doesn't eat fish and chips, he doesn't eat crisps, he doesn't eat potato bread or stew or coddle. He likes cabbage and beans with his meat and sausages.

He drinks a lot of tea. His tea should be strong and malty, and drank with milk, not cream. He never drinks his tea from a paper, plastic or Styrofoam cup, but always from a china cup. He has a teacup with saucer at his workplace for his tea. He is really paranoid, has conspiracy theories about everything, so he always washes his teacup before using it, and always makes his own tea. He usually take a huge thermos flask from home filled with hot tea in the morning, and fills his teacup from this.

He doesn't eat anything sweet. When he is boy he had a hole in his tooth, and it hurt so much to fill it, he swore he'd never go to a dentist again in his life, so he brushes his teeth at least twice every day and flosses ;-) He also chews xylitol chewing gum.

He likes to read, and prefers Russian classics. He also likes Kafka.

He likes music, all kinds of music, and listens to it almost all the time.

His favorite color is blue and he's interested in clothes and has a slight flamboyant feat. He dresses well and fashionably, and is never boring.
He doesn't celebrate St.Patrick's Day, nor does he drink beer, ever. His mother was an alcoholic single mom, who was drunk most of the time, and who abused her son. Spud

Spud is an indoor kind of a guy, sort of a nerd, not intelligent or interested enough to be a "real" nerd, but he's thin, not muscular, has a bit of a tummy even though he's thin, because he's in a really bad shape. He's of average height (5'8"). He's not especially handsome, nor ugly, has two eyes and a nose, like most people. He's pretty average. He has a rather short face, his eyes are slightly small, slightly wider apart, and slightly tilted. He has a short nose, small mouth and narrow, small chin.
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November 3, 2010
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