The Hoard (2019)

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Deviation Actions

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Welcome to the Hoard! This is the Ketucari version of the bank, where all your items and gold are recorded! Here, you can purchase, transfer, and apply items-- and more! Simply locate the action you'd like to complete below and click the link to be directed to the proper comment!

Your cache will be created automatically upon your first transaction or adventure roll. Remember that items and gold from adventures and battles are put in your cache upon being rolled, and do not need to be redeemed!

View Your Cache

Click this link to be taken to our Hoard document and view what's in your account. Notice an error? Post in the Bug Reports thread!

View Pack Cache

Click this link to be taken to the Pack Hoard document and view what's in the pack account.
Only pack Matriarch/Elder Males can use items & gold from Pack Cache.
Anyone can send items to a Pack Cache.

View your Ketucari's Cache

Click this link to be taken to the Ketucari Hoard document and view what bound items your ketucari has earned from Zone Objectives.

Purchase an Item

Item purchases are now conducted via our website! This thread is permanently closed.

Click this link to sell items in exchange for gold.
Exclamation Buyback rates are as follows:
5g for a stack of 5 low tier items 
10g for a stack of 5 medium tier items
15g for a stack of 5 high tier items

Apply an Item

Click this link to apply an item to your ketucari.
A ketucari may have:
- Unlimited accessories
- One piece of armor
- Two companions
- Two Archaeology pieces
- Two Armorcrafting pieces
- Two Battle Item pieces (no duplicates)
-Two Engineering pieces
* Only 5 items may be applied at a time per comment

Transfer Items or Gold

Item transfers are now conducted via our website! This thread is permanently closed.

Transfer Items or Gold (Packs)

Click this link to transfer items or gold to a pack.

Exchange Legendary Materials

Click this link to exchange legendary crafting materials for others of the same type.
You can also exchange raid accessories for other raid accessories here, with the caveat that the domain guardian for the accessory you're obtaining has to have been defeated at least once.

Redeem an Item

Click this link to redeem items such as prize packs and treasure chests.

Redeem Laurels

Click this link to redeem laurels from battles and battle achievements.

Redeem Misc. Art

You may redeem art (up to 5 pieces per month) that doesn't fit activity requirements for a small reward.…

Each miscellaneous piece can be submitted for 3 gold each. You may submit 5 pieces for either 15 gold or a mid-zone adventure roll with Emissary 1671 in a category/zone of your choice.

To submit pieces, redeem at the adventure prompt with the following form:

For an adventure:
(Link your Misc. Art Pieces!)
Import Link: |…
Zone: (specify any medium-level zone: Obsidian Bluffs, Gusting Cavern, Kandriya, Silverglade, Terendum, Sunye Wastes, or Ferrok Ravine)
Sub-Category: (specify reaping, prospecting, or venture)

For gold:
(Link your Misc. Art Pieces!)
Redeeming Misc. Art Pieces for: (specify how much gold)

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Redeem Laurels

Reply here with the following information. You may make 5 redemptions (5 separate battles or achievements) per comment.

Import Link: (ketucari who has earned the title - please use Ketucari Site link! Mark as 'N/A' if redeeming a player achievement)

Laurels Earned By: (include method in which laurels were earned)

Proof of Laurels: (link to comment for battles or tracker for achievements)

Number of Laurels Earned:

Total Laurels: (total laurels from all redemptions in the comment)