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    As of January 12, 2019, statistics are now tracked on the Ketucari Import Database!

Adventure Statistics

These are covered more in depth here: Adventuring
All adventure stats have a cap of 200. Every 50 points increases the number of items brought back.

  Cunning increases the chance of bringing back kills.

Perception increases the chance of bringing back herbs.

Intellect increases the chance of bringing back artifacts.

Willpower increases the chance of bringing back ores and gems.

Luck increases the quantity of gold found.


   Dexterity increases your ketucari's chance to hit an opponent during a battle. Dexterity has a cap of 500.


   This increases the attack power of your ketucari's offensive skills. Your ketucari's overall strength statistic (including bonuses from skills and soulbound items) will increase the base attack power of their skills. Strength has a cap of 500.


   This is how much damage your ketucari can take before they are KO'ed. It is important to be aware of this statistic when your are farming high level areas, as some monsters in the zone may one-shot you if you are underleveled. Be sure to look at the "Suggested Armor" section of a zone description before adventuring there! Ketucari with high armor can provide an invaluable service as tanks in group battles. Armor currently has no cap.


  This is the boost your ketucari has for passing rare/uncommon traits. Nobility is the most difficult statistic to raise, and has the least opportunities to do so. Inbred ketucari (even if it doesn't show in their lineage) will have a negative nobility statistic. This means that it will not factor into rolling and will be difficult to pull into positive numbers. The cap for nobility is 500. Every 100 the nobility stat is raised increases the gene inheritance rate for that ketucari by 1. For example, if a ketucari has a nobility stat of 300, their genes will have a +3 chance of passing.

Raising Statistics

    Statistics can be raised in a variety of ways! Items and skills are the primary way, but statistic boosts may also be obtained from certain events and quests. All ketucari start out with 0 in each statistic (with the exception of armor, which starts at 50), no matter how high their parents' statistics are. This is to make sure that ketucari with shorter lineages will still have a chance to compete with ketucari who have high-statted parents. However, elder ketucari with the Progenitor skill will pass a certain percentage of their statistics to their offspring.

When your stats are raised by items and skills, the statistic is automatically raised by an admin.

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is there a way to directly increase armor? im not talking about equip items or something but like is there a certain action that has a higher chance to boost armor? like could you possibly get a boost from a battle or an adventure piece? or is that extremely rare??