Renowned and Elder Ranks

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Renowned Rank

Renowned rank is the half way point between low ranking ketucari and elders. Renowned rank is reached if your ketucari meets one of the following requirements:

Bullet; White  Has all 30 themes
Bullet; White  Has all 14 skills
Bullet; White  Has 15 themes and 7 skills


Bullet; White 1 common token (gene must be specified when redeeming)
Bullet; White The ketucari may have tokens applied to them as long as the rules for applying tokens are followed: Obtaining and Applying Tokens 
Bullet; White  This will reduce the chance of matriarch kills in that individual ketucari's litters by half. Be sure to list their renowned rank under "other bonuses" on the breeding form!
Bullet; White  Renowned ketucari also receive an extra item roll in raids!

Click here to submit your ketucari for Renowned rank! 

Elder Rank

In ketucari social structure, elders hold the highest standing apart from matriarchs. It is a position of honor that signifies that the individual has proven their worth through their deeds. All ketucari have the potential to reach elder rank, regardless of their parents' social standing. Ketucari are typically at least half a century old before they reach this status. 

Click here to submit your ketucari for Elder after meeting the requirements below! 


    Upon reaching elder rank, your ketucari will receive the following benefits:

Bullet; White 1 uncommon token (gene must be specified when redeeming)
Bullet; White Their litters will no longer be susceptible to matriarch killings
Bullet; White They will be able to learn 2 elder skills
Bullet; White +100 Nobility
Bullet; White  +20 Lifetime Breedings
Bullet; White 50 Gold
Bullet; White Upgrade to elder background
Bullet; White +1 item roll in raids (stacks with renowned bonus roll)
Berserker by Matriarchs-Haunt Dasrah by Matriarchs-Haunt Greheli by Matriarchs-Haunt Talik by Matriarchs-Haunt

Old Backgrounds:
v2 Dasrah by Matriarchs-Haunt v2 Greheli by Matriarchs-Haunt v2 Talik by Matriarchs-Haunt

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Reaching Elder Rank

    To reach elder, your ketucari will have to meet all of the following requirements (both skill and theme):

Skill Requirements

Bullet; White Learn 3 physical attack skills
Bullet; White Learn 1 social skills
Bullet; White Learn 2 boon skills
Bullet; White Learn 2 exploration skills
Bullet; White Learn 2 talent skills
Bullet; White Learn 4 magic skills

Theme Requirements

Since part of the point of reaching elder is to help you tell your ketucari's story, you will be required to work 30 of the following themes into your group artwork. You may include them in adventuring, quests, etc., but you may only include one theme per piece. How you interpret the themes and the order in which you do them is up to you. There is much leeway with how you go about incorporating them into your ketucari's story. You may choose any 30 that appeal to you. 

When you have completed all 30, compile them in a journal or stash file with thumbnail links to the images as well as which theme they are. After you've met all the requirements for elder rank, visit the Matriarchs' Haunt to submit your ketucari for verification.

Available Themes

These themes have been compiled from various lists. You may choose to approach these themes as they are, or by depicting the opposite (for example, instead of depicting the gain of hope, you may show the loss of it). Opposites will be placed side by side.

Acceptance / Denial
Adoption / Abandoned
Ashes / Embers
Beauty / Ugliness
Betrayal / Loyalty
Blessing / Curse
Broken / Healing
Capture / Free
Chaos / Order
Cold / Hot
Cooperation / Rivalry
Combat / Truce
Coming of Age / Childhood
Companion / Stranger
Corruption / Innocence
Darkness / Light
Death / Life
Decay / Flourish
Desire / Disgust
Discovery / Secrecy
Disaster / Prosperity
Divinity / Evil
Dreams / Nightmares
Ending / Beginning
Envy / Kindness
Failure / Triumph
Fire / Water
Fleeing / Confronting
Freedom / Captivity
Generosity / Greed  
Grief  / Happiness
Health / Illness
Helpless / Capable
Hero / Villain
Hope / Despair
Hunger / Full
Illusion / Reality
Leadership / Subordination
Loss / Gain
Love / Hate
Mask / Uncover
Obedience / Rebellion
Obsession / Indifference
Ocean / Land
Outcast / Accepted
Patience / Impatience
Power / Weakness
Pride / Humility
Rain / Dry
Relief / Pain
Release / Hold
Rescue / Danger
Revolt / Attraction
Revenge / Forgiveness
Sacrifice / Save
Serenity / Disturbance

Selfless / Selfish
Silence / Noise
Simplicity / Complexity
Tradition / Change
Trapped / Escaped
Trust  / Fear
Victory / Defeat
Vulnerability / Immunity
War / Peace
Wisdom / Ignorance
Circle of Life
Necessary Evil

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DethJackal's avatar
I was wondering if we would have to use an Elixir of Forgetfullness for learn Winter's Breath? Elder rank, you need to fill all 4 magic skill slots, but Winter's Breathe, which can only be learned after Elder rank (I think?), takes up a locked magic skill slot?
Thank you!
Matriarchs-Haunt's avatar
Hey there, sorry this is such a late reply! Winter's Breath is actually considered a different type of skill than a magic skill. You can call it a lineage skill if you'd like. It still uses magic, which is why it may be called a magic skill, but it is considered a different type of skill altogether. It does not take up one of the 4 magic skill slots needed to reach elder. Instead it takes up a lineage skill slot, and that is how it can be learned after a ketucari reaches elder. Tauratu is currently the only ketucari ancestor who offers a lineage skill, but there may eventually be more ketucari who grant special skills to their descendants. Because of this, there could be a future ketucari with two ancestors that grant lineage skills, but the ketucari may still only learn one. I hope this clarifies the lineage skills for you, and if you have any more questions, we will definitely try to get them answered in a much shorter span of time!

~ Noir
safyia110's avatar
I feel like I have asked this before, but would it be possible to mix mediums for your theme?  Like if I drew an image and then wrote a short story about it?  I assume the image would still need at the least the 70% ketucari view, but would the short story still need to be 1000 words?

[i have an image/story combo, but the story is 200 words short of a thousand~  I am sure I could add a 200-word filler, but I do not feel the story itself needs it, hence the question~  I would still like to use this as a theme]

Thank you in advance~  ^^
Umbrafen's avatar
If you're doing mixed mediums, the short story can be half of the normal requirement, which would be 500 words :D
safyia110's avatar
Thank you for your clarification~  ^^

I will remember this going forward~
unluckyycharm's avatar
Hi !
Do we have to keep our Ketucari in the world of Velukaelo or can they be in another universe ? (i have a GOT-like world in which i roleplay my tokotas, can i add my ketucari in it too ?)
Umbrafen's avatar
Yep, they can be in another universe! The only requirement is that if you take part in the adventuring activity, the background of such has to resemble one of Velukaelo's zones, but doesn't have to actually BE that zone for your personal canon (if that makes sense).
unluckyycharm's avatar
Oh, amazing, thank for your answer !
Ace574's avatar
A silly question but are elder Ketucari obligated to exhibit the Elder theme or can they have a different BG?
Say the people who win from the Winter King event might like to keep the snowy BG owo
Umbrafen's avatar
They may keep the default background if desired :D
Ace574's avatar
AN1k3T0S's avatar
ive made a couple pieces for my ketucari already
some of which share the same theme of rage
could i count those as theme pieces even though they were already made before i found this?
Umbrafen's avatar
You can only use a theme once to count toward your ketucari's elder rank :D You are welcome to use past pieces for themes, however!
AN1k3T0S's avatar
alright awesome! :D
what do i need to mark down and where that shows what pieces are for each theme?
do i just need to put it in the description or is there a place in the group i need to notify too?
Umbrafen's avatar
Ideally, you can compile them in a journal or stash file for your ketucari, with a thumbnail/link to each piece with the corresponding theme beside it :)
ASimpleMoon's avatar
Would an adventure piece also count as a theme piece if you incorporate the theme into it?
FizzGryphon's avatar
While Ketucari might not have 'handlers' in the way most ARPG species do, is it possible to have mutuals (or in my case, I would love my Ketucari to journey mostly with an automoton, which she treats as a pet as much as a friend)?
Matriarchs-Haunt's avatar
You are welcome to have any kind of storyline with your ketucaris as long as they don't impact the gameplay (aka influence stats, etc.)!
Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
Can an image count for two different themes? Like if one ketucari was leading one or two other ketus for the leadership theme and the others were following it for the loyalty theme?
Umbrafen's avatar
Yep, that's fine!
EverlastingStables's avatar
is it possible to add in 2 (or more) ket's together for each theme in the image?
Freyjas-Sanctuary's avatar
What's the lit requirement for theme pieces?
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