Group Submission Requirements

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General Rules

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U!   Tracing is welcome so long as you credit the stock provider and the stock provider has licensed their work for that use. Otherwise, tracing is strictly prohibited.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U!  Submitting art copyrighted by others is not permitted.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U!  Submissions for adventures and battles are limited to one per day. Hallowed Tarn pieces are limited to one per week.

Minimum Requirements (Literature)

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Literature for group activities must be mostly relevant to the prompt. Please do not submit entries that are mostly irrelevant with only a few sentences dedicated to the actual task.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Minimum word count depends on the amount of ketucari in the piece:
1 Ketucari: 500 word minimum
2 Ketucari: 600 word minimum
3 Ketucari: 700 word minimum
4 Ketucari: 800 word minimum
Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Literature may not be script format.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Roleplays are permissible.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Activities may only have 4 ketucari included per piece. 

Minimum Requirements (Art)

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U!  Images must show at least 50% of the ketucari in order to count. See the percentage guide HERE.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Images must be original. Recolors can not be resubmitted as a new piece for rolls. 

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Images should at least be flat colored and do not require shading. Grayscale is permissible as long as the ketucari are recognizable.

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Backgrounds should at least include basic shapes and colors and do not need to be fully rendered. Here are some examples of simple backgrounds:
Adventure Caring for Cubs by Feral-Ringo-Zebra OmNomNom by IIIXKitsuneXIII Taste of Freedom by IIIXKitsuneXIII death incarnate by Anarchisme On the volcanic slope by pawstepsinthesnow An Adorable Hunt [Commission] by IIIXKitsuneXIII

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Window backgrounds (backgrounds in which the ketucari is not completely in the border) are permissible. 

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Activities may only have 4 ketucari included per piece. 

Dot Bullet (Grey) - F2U! Images must be at least 500x500px and the ketucari must be discernible from the background and have clear facial features.

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