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Nex Redesign For My Non-Winx Fan Story

I'm not a good artist. That’s why I commission Aisha/Nex fan art instead of drawing it myself. So when I come up with characters, I always struggle to get them out of my head and onto paper. Fortunately, I didn’t create Aisha and Nex, so I have templates to work with. But I still wanna redesign them slightly. I commissioned concept art of Nex from @LivingAliveCreator: He doesn’t look dramatically different. The main change is his hair color; it’s closer to black now. I wanted him to look less anime-esque and more like he might look as a real person. That means no blue hair, but it has a bluish sheen to it. His darker hair makes his eyes stand out, which gives him an even more intimidating look than he had in Winx Club (before season eight). That’s what I wanted. In my story, a lot of people are afraid of Nex. They think he’s dangerous and untrustworthy, and his cool and cocky persona doesn’t help. But once someone gets to know him better, they find out he’s really loyal, outgoing,

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