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The Renewing of the mind by KetsiaLessard, visual art

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Ketsia Lessard was born in Montreal in 1983. Early exposure to biblical symbolism had a lasting influence on her imagination. She pursued studies in arts and literature and graduated from the University of Quebec with a creative writing degree in 2006. Illustration was always part of her writing process, and she took up painting in 2005. Her vocational studies in floristry taught her the principles of asymmetrical balance she would come to apply in her art. Mainly self-taught, Ketsia Lessard combines realism and symbolism to create detailed acrylic paintings that illustrate Bible verses and spiritual experience.

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Ketsia Lessard est née à Montréal en 1983. Un contact précoce avec le symbolisme biblique a exercé une influence durable sur son imagination. Elle a entrepris des études en arts et lettres et obtenu son certificat en création littéraire à l'Université du Québec à Montréal en 2006. L'illustration a toujours fait partie de son processus d'écriture, et elle a commencé à peindre en 2005. Ses études professionnelles en fleuristerie lui ont inculqué les principes de l'équilibre asymétrique qu'elle a pu appliquer à son art. Essentiellement autodidacte, Ketsia Lessard allie le réalisme au symbolisme afin de créer des peintures à l'acrylique détaillées qui illustrent des versets bibliques et diverses expériences spirituelles.



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Last winter, I was feeling rather frustrated with the lack of opportunity for visual artists in the Church today. The only art forms that seem to find their place are the performing arts such as music and drama. Even in these disciplines, I see a lot of repetition and very little originality or depth. I am sorry to see new churches being built without beauty and creativity in mind, only practicality, especially when it comes to Evangelical churches. No more stained-glass windows or steeples, only brick and mortar. As I was pondering on this, I did an online search to see if there were any programs or organizations for Christian artists in the visual arts. I came across the Oakton Foundation created by Bill Witcherman in Washington D.C., a foundation "seeking to advance the Kingdom of God by lifting up the good, the true, and the beautiful through cultural renewal, and caring for the world's poor and defenseless." I submitted two paintings for their Spring 2020 competition, Maranatha
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I recently made a startling discovery. Something I was not looking for at all. There is a very high chance that I am on the autism spectrum. High functioning autism. I’d always felt great sympathy for autistic people, especially after watching Mick Jackson’s Temple Grandin biopic, but I don’t display the stereotypical traits, so I did not think I was part of that team. I came across a lecture by Doctor Tony Attwood on the subject while researching psychology videos to help me cope with depression. I sank into an existential crisis last October when a succession of significant changes and disappointments made me question everything and lose my will to live. I did not know undiagnosed women need to go through such a phase to learn they are on the spectrum when they have masked their autistic traits growing up, something girls are more apt to do than boys. I did some more research, and reading Tania Marshall, M. Sc.’s extensive list of Asperger women’s traits was like going through a
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Dear friends, This is an important moment in my life. For those who didn't know, visual art is not my original field of study. As a youth, I hesitated between literature and illustration but ended up choosing literature, and that is what I explored in college and university. I have been writing in both English and French for many years, but the trying task of publishing literature can be so dispiriting, I had more or less abandoned the idea of doing anything with it and decided to focus on painting for a while.   Some of you might have read or come across a series of short stories called "Arctic Seasons" I once posted on this site. The serie
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Your profile is interesting, to say the least. Thanks for introducing yourself.
Happy birthday!!! Party

Congratulations on the novel. I can only imagine what it's like to be able to hold a hard copy of your creation in your hands.

I hope everything is lovely for you and the Lord is looking out for you as Easter draws near (in both our faiths).
Thank you! Hoping to see you again in the near future!

It's a special feeling indeed, but also a reminder that your book is like a drop in the ocean of literature.

I hope you're feeling inspired!
Happy Easter!
Ketsia ...

I found your images of the Lamb of God to be very compelling.

Thank you for creating / sharing them here on deviantART.

Take care and be well,


You're very welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in them.