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Night Elf - Death Knight

By Ketka
Thank you very much for DD! -)
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, I really appreciate it!

~ Photoshop CS2, wacom intous3, simple brushes

Lessa-aka-Harusame made cosplay based this illustration. Great work!
 Death Knight by Lessa-aka-Harusame
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As a fan of Night Elves, I must say this got my eyes peeled. Let's see this piece by piece: The seemingly unfinished front paws are seemingly unnoticeable because of the creature's motion: so fluid there. The big tiger's expression seems wild as well, making this piece more appealing. The teeth quite delivers the title of this art, even without the rider, it would be a harbinger of death! And the fur! Oh man, gotta love that fur. It seems manually made yet realistic!

As for the rider: who wouldn't notice the rider? An appealing knight eager to do her things! Her armor is what intrigues me . . . It's as if the armor is a part of her, like, they're glued or such. And pretty much like the tiger, her expression makes me want and not to want this knight.

Everything in this piece is truly magical!
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this has to be one of the most realistic pieces I have seen of fan art that is also in action and brings you into the drawing. The fur from the tiger is soo well drawn and every detail of the armor on both the tiger and the Night elf are simply stunning. The Night Elf sword looks soo awesome with its blue glow. I also think the tattered cape fits quite nicely in the artwork. The skulls on the tiger give it such a unique touch to this making me wish they had a death knight tiger in the game.
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

The piece has a great sense of depth and speed through varying degrees of blurring, emphasizing the speed at white the rider must be traveling. The subtle details such as the armour's crafting and the bleeding of the sword really help to sell the idea of speed.

The palette is a muted cold one devoid of too much colour, hinting at a Nordic winterly scene, subtle tree outlines suggest maybe a small forest.

Overall this is a well executed scene showcasing the artist's technical skills as well as their eye for detail, seen through the consistent theme in the design of the armor of the rider and her Lion.

Excellent work <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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This looks stunning!~
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I saw this piece years ago, still now I adore it!

I really hope you will do more drawings of her
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Wow, really awesome.  Since I'm old, I also think this would be awesome reworked as HeMan (Her cat screams Battle Cat to me) :D  You really nailed the sense of motion.
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I'm really in love with this picture, there is nothing I would change in it! Nothing at all. This is just the perfect rendition of such a duo
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No words could be spoken to describe this art, not by me
Oh the sense of movement in this is incredible, I can almost hear the breath of the beast she rides and the crunch of the snow under it's deadly paws!!

Excellent work!!
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I love it ,most beautiful thing i have ever seen
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I like it very much, nice details!
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This work so beautiful, dynamic and colorful!Oops! 
I wanna cosplay it!Heart 
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you welcome! I don't mind ^_^
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strong tiger, dark elf - lovely as her artist. wonderful work.
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This is freakin awesome!
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Amazing work! :clap:
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wow it sooo pretty and detailed and i just LOVE it!! great job omg !! 
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Good show of motion.
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